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Is the Seller on AliExpress Trustworthy?

Is the Seller on AliExpress Trustworthy?

Since the topic has become even more vital in the recent years, it’s about time for us to talk about AliExpress sellers in depth. Some people are disappointed with the Chinese online store because of fraudsters, while the others don’t experience any problems with finding a good and reliable seller. What’s the reason? Is there some sort of secret?

There isn’t. The thing is that buyers are divided into those who carefully check a seller’s history and those who don’t. It’s to people belonging to the latter category we want to remind of what one needs to pay attention to BEFORE buying.


If the seller hasn’t sold anything, a potential customer should immediately be concerned. We haven’t seen unique products on Aliexpress, so the general recommendation is to keep an open mind and avoid focusing on a certain offer too much. There is nothing wrong in looking for another seller with more goods sold.

Seller Rating

Aliexpress Store Page

Check the store’s page in order to receive the information that will give you an understanding of the seller’s reliability. Check how long they’ve been selling on Aliexpress, their rating (how many diamonds there are), how many products are sold, etc.


Select the “Feedback” section from the menu on the same page and examine it. Most customers leave comments, and some of them even attach the product’s photos. Fake reviews that have been bought by the seller do exist in the world of online shopping though, so you should use such information critically and responsibly.

Why it IS important to find a reliable seller

  • Firstly, why support unreliable ones?
  • Secondly, you will save your energy, time, and most importantly, money.
  • Thirdly, it is always easier to negotiate with an understanding person. You’ll probably have to contact the seller if a conflict arises; for example, after you open a dispute.

A reliable seller will likely approve a proposed solution if you are right. With this action, they show that they agree with your vision of the situation and are willing to reach an agreement as soon as possible, meaning that you’ll automatically receive your money back. An unscrupulous seller, on the contrary, will be spending your time in all possible ways including ignoring, false promises, and other delaying tactics.

Fourthly, a reliable seller values their reputation, reviews, and rating. That’s why one can negotiate with them without too many troubles: a buyer only needs to hint that they’re about to leave a negative feedback, and the issue will be resolved. It’s a blackmail of some sort, but it can help.

Best AliExpress Seller Check

Once you have Megabonus extension installed, you might have noticed there are special blocks added on AliExpress: cash back rate, the sellers’ reliability and the “You can buy this tem at a lower price” section.

The AliExpres sellers’ reliability section will show you the rating of the store and the products and will help you skip fake or suspicious offers immediately.

Screen 1:

Megabonus Seller Check

Screen 2:

AliExpress Seller Check

We hope that we’ve convinced you that it is necessary to check sellers’ history on Aliexpress before placing an order. This will make your life simpler! Besides, never forget that money can not only be saved but also increased using the AliExpress cashback service – Megabonus.

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