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How to Return Goods from AliExpress and Get Refund

How to Return Goods from AliExpress and Get Refund

Many of those who often buy from AliExpress or from other online stores have dealt with that. Sometimes you receive damaged or wrong products. Customers may return goods back to the seller. In this article, we will explain how to do it and what details to take into account.

Checklist on returning the product on AliExpress

  1. Communicate with the seller only via chat on AliExpress.
  2. Always ask for the return address, before the product is sent to you.
  3. When you are unhappy with the product you have received (it is broken or just doesn’t meet your expectations), you have to open a dispute to return (or not to return) the product to the seller and to get a refund. But before you do it, decide what is better – to resell the product in your country or to get the compensation from the seller. The shipping is often more expensive than the product itself.
  4. Make the video of the unboxing or at least take pictures to use them as a piece of evidence in case of dispute. If you decide to return the product back to China, contact your seller before opening the dispute. Describe the situation. If the reply says the exchange is impossible, open a dispute. Never send the products back to China before opening a dispute on AliExpress.

To open a dispute, go to the “Order Details” section and click “Open Dispute”. You will see the fields to fill in:

open dispute aliexpress

  • expected resolution: return of product and refund;
  • issue: select from the dropdown list (bad quality, fault, etc.);
  • refund amount: specify the amount;
  • in the corresponding field describe the situation as detailed as possible.

how to open dispute aliexpress

Attach the evidence (video or photos). The unboxing video may serve as a proof in case the seller claims it is you who broke the product. By the way, you can attach the history of your messages with the seller to prove he agreed to get the product back.

When the dispute is opened, you have to wait for the seller’s reply. If the seller agrees to accept the product back, he will specify the return address. If he refuses to do it, escalate the dispute.

Returning goods and money back

You will have only 10 days from the moment the seller specified the returned address to send the product back. Don’t postpone it and visit the post office right away. Fill in the application for the international shipment. You will receive the tracking number. Send it to the seller together with the scanned copy or the photo of the receipt. Specify the website for tracking the shipment. It might be the website of the postal service you used or international tracking service.

The timer of the product’s delivery to the seller starts then. As soon as the seller confirms receiving of the product, the dispute will be closed and you will get the refund.

If 30 days have passed and the seller didn’t receive the parcel still, he can escalate the dispute. In this case, both parties will have to provide a piece of evidence within 10 days. Collect all the information you prepared when opening the dispute, add the tracking number and the screenshot providing you sent the product to the seller along with the scanned copy of the receipt. You can also attach the screenshot from the tracking service.

If you prove the fact that the package has arrived to China (or on its way), the seller might cancel the escalation of the dispute and agree to refund the money.  If he doesn’t do it, AliExpress administration will make a solution within 10 days. If you have all the evidence and provided the information in a clear way, the administration will resolve the dispute in your favor.

We wish you pleasant shopping with no returns! Don’t forget that AliExpress in not only ф buy and sell platform but also a good opportunity to save with on cash back. Do you want to know how? Check on this page: Aliexpress cashback Megabonus provides the highest cash back rates and helps to save money.

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    • Hello. A tracking number is assigned to a parcel at a post office. There are shipping types with no tracking numbers though, so do not use them for your return orders.

  1. What is the address to return the items AliExpress you want to turn an item that they send the wrong merchandise what is the address to return the items back to AliExpress

  2. Hei please where is Aliexpress free return address in London? I ordered a trainers and I received something totally different. That place is not for the faint hearted. Please help

    • Open the dispute to get a refund. The return process is only negotiated through the dispute but you can keep the product and ask for a refund. It will be partial in this case.

  3. Hi there,

    This AliExpress seller is stubborn and misselling shoes by shipping smaller sizes. The dispute says I should return the item but the seller has given me a fake address. What should I do please?

  4. It seems pointless to order stuff from AliExpress. As recently it has been show they take advantage of the returning the item back to China.
    So they send you the wrong product or incomplete items. And your forced to pay more then the item to return it.
    Not worth the savings better to buy it from eBay as they cover return shipling or Amazon.

  5. I sent two items in one bag for return as it was stated on the website I am able to do however they asked me the tracking number which I provided but it still says waiting for return for one of the items. What do I do ??

  6. Hello,I have agreed to return a broken item back to China. However,no shipping label has been send.I only received the shipping address.I am a bit worried about the additional return shipping charges.Should these be covered by me or can I ship the package as freight collect to them?

  7. Hello,I have agreed to return a broken item back to China.However,no shipping label has been send.I only received the shipping address.I am a bit worried about the additional return shipping charges.Should these be covered by me or can I ship the package as freight collect to them?

  8. Hei so I have an order that have been canceled,got my money back with a dispute. The seller did however sent me the item and I received it yesterday. The thing is I dont want to pay for the return postage. I asked the seller to pay for it but they dont want to, so what can I do ?

  9. Hello, and thank you for a good blog. I made a dispute for a defective item. I choose “return and refund”. Seller is asking To change reason of dispute. I confirmed the item received In alix web site, should have not done it.. Can I change my dispute suggestion from return&refunf To jus refund with out consequences from Ali? And If seller agrees to my return, can I send stuff back In a smaller package (with tracking) because it is cheaper than original package? Thank you!

  10. When will get my refund if I provide the tracking number? Will I get it after they examine it or when I give them the tracking number?

  11. Hello thanks for this insight. My case is this, I bought something that is ok working, I contacted the seller, they did not give me a satisfactory answer on how to get it to work, told them I will open a dispute, which I did, the seller asked me to return the item and I agreed, then I asked the seller to give address where to send the item back, the seller said I should check where I opened the dispute, I have checked but address is not there, and I have few days left before the free return will be over, please can you tell how to escalate the dispute, thank you.

  12. I have tried to return an item to the seller but they keep telling me to add a tracking number. I do not know what to do because I have no option to add anything to my return dispute. The package has already arrived at the designated return address as well.

  13. Hello I have a question, i ordered something and it was missing pieces when i got it so I returned the package back to the seller he said he will refund me. At customs he refuse to provide the papers the customs were asking and to me he tells me it was too expensive foe him to pay the customs. He then asked me my email and to send him a verification code he says thats how they usually refund people is it true? Because the message says to log in and change password

  14. Hi does anyone know when I send the items back for free return, it says time has fun out even though I went to the post office straight away on the same day. I sent the seller my proof of receipt and even spoken to Ali express live chat but still not resolved now I’ve lost out on a few items! Has this happened to anyone before? Do I need to confirm I’ve sent items back and upload a photo of the receipt anywhere because I can’t seem to find it on the website or via the app?

  15. Hello, can you please guide me how can I get my money back? I ordered the goods. After a few weeks, I sent a message to the seller asking why I did not receive my order. He said, “Unfortunately, your order was not sent and returned by China Post.” He said, “I can protest and get my money back, but I do not know.” What part of the AliExpress application can I object to, please help me?

  16. i received my order but the colour was not what i had chosen, i only wish to exchange the item for the correct colour, i had contacted the seller for an exchange they agreed but not sure how to do this as they do not explain this. it is also ‘free returns’ but not sure how i do this.
    i am thinking if it is worth my time and money to exchange by ‘return and refund’ item for the correct colour or should i just ask for a partial refund cost for sending me the incorrect colour?
    or if there are any other solutions for this.

  17. I recieved my oredr from Ali xpress, But I didnt get a confirmation so eventually I asked PayPal to cancel my order But! they had already sent it. when the items came big mistake they were both too small, so I went back to Aliexpress to find the record of my bought products but there was no record of it, so it was impossible to contact the seller now I have lost 88,72 euros

  18. Problem: Ordered 4 cameras ($250) from AliExpress, 2 were defective. AliExpress SELLER would pay return shipping (estimated $160 hazardous material shipping for equipment containing Lithium Ion batteries to return to seller) BUT AliExpress left the return shipping up to me. These were not declared when shipped to me. AliExpress didn’t protect my purchase.

    • Hello Auron!

      The delivery cost depends on the country you send the parcel to China from. Usually, the cost can be calculated using the shipping fees provided by the local postal service. Visit the website of your postal service, choose the type of the package, the weights and then calculate the shipping cost using the numbers they provide.

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