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“Piece”, “Lot” and “Set” Meaning on AliExpress

“Piece”, “Lot” and “Set” Meaning on AliExpress

On AliExpress “Piece” means 1 piece. So “Pcs” means pieces. “Lot” is the product (can contain 1 or several pieces). “Set” is a set of different products in 1 lot.

“1 piece” on AliExpress means that the product contains 1 piece. Let’s consider some examples as the theory might look more complicated than the practice is.

For example, “Waterproof mascara”:

3 Pieces Mascara Set Aliexpress

In this case 1 lot is a set of a mascara and 2 eyeliners – 3 pieces as can be seen on the screenshot above. The number of the products you are going to buy is mentioned below as “quantity” (there are “+” and “–“ to edit the quantity).

Sometimes AliExpress specifies prices for the pieces in a set separately. For example, in the mascara set the price is specified for a set with the eyeliners and without them item – $0.94 and $0.37 correspondingly.

Variant 1:

Prices on AliExpress

Variant 2:

How to Understand Aliexpress Prices

Be careful as you will be charged using the price of the selected set. If you need only a single item, it is worth contacting the seller to find out if you can buy only 1 piece from the lot.

The next example is a computer mouse. They use only “piece” because the lot consists of a single mouse. Wireless Mouse on Aliexpress

And the last example. “Set” is a set of a mouse, a headset and a keyboard. They don’t use “piece” because set contains 3 different products and the word “piece” might confuse the customers.

What Set Means on Aliexpress

So if you see “2 pcs” in the product description, you understand that you will receive 2 pieces of a product.

So pay attention to the pictures of the product and its description to make sure you don’t buy an excessive product or lack the 6th fork. Don’t forget to use Megabonus to get up to 4.91% of cash back on AliExpress for every lot, set and piece.

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  1. So say if I wanted to purchase a dirt bike and it states 1 piece do it get the whole bike? I don’t get what it means and don’t really trust it, imagine getting a wheel thinking your getting a bike🤣

  2. hi. what does Styleicon Peruvian Body Wave Bundles with Frontal 2 3 4 Bundles with Frontal Closure Natural Human Hair Weaving with LaceFrontal. NGN 14,608.78 – 109,722.21 / lot (4 pieces) mean? will i get it as a) e.g 12, 14, 16 with 10 inch all meaning they are counted as 4 pieces or b) 4 pieces each of the 12, 14, 16 and 10 inch – meaning 12 bundles with 4 frontals?. i wanted to buy like 4-5 of the whole hair and frontal at whole sale price thats why. thanks

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