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What to Do if the Seller Closed the Dispute on AliExpress

What to Do if the Seller Closed the Dispute on AliExpress

It’s hard to imagine how much work is done every day by AliExpress team so that the customers from all over the world got their parcels on time and kept making new orders. Sometimes it happens so that an error or a delay gets in the flow and therefore the customer can’t their product. AliExpress administration created disputes to resolve such issues. Today we will talk about how to get a refund and what to do if the dispute appeared to be closed. 

How Can the Dispute on AliExpress Be Closed?

It’s important to understand that only three parties can close the dispute: the customer, the seller or the AliExpress administration (an independent party and the one providing the guarantee for every deal). Everything is clear with the first case. While the second case can make you worry. What does it mean?

  • If the seller is reliable, they accept the complaints of the customer and are obliged to return money to full extent or partially; as soon as one of the parties accepts the terms, the dispute is closed. In this case there is no need to worry.
  • If the seller is unreliable, they would accept the complaints but don’t seem to be going to return money. However, this is a very rare case and we will explain why.

The thing is that AliExpress is an intermediary between the shops and their customers. The customer pays for the product once they made an order. But the seller doesn’t get money immediately. It remains on hold at AliExpress administration until the customer confirms the receiving of the order. As soon as the status of the parcel changes to “Picked up” or the confirmation term expires, AliExpress sends money to the seller.

It’s obvious that for the sellers it’s no good to delay the disputes. They simply won’t get the funds. But sometimes the sellers might play tricks to make easy money. However, there are certain methods to deal with such sellers.

What to Do if the Seller Closed the Dispute and Didn’t Return Money?

In this case contact AliExpress administration (contact their customer support service). You will have to attach the evidence:

  • The screenshots of your message history with the seller and the statuses of the dispute.
  • The pictures and the videos confirming the foundation of your dispute (photos of faulty/damaged product, screenshots of delivery tracking, etc.)
  • You might need to provide a payment receipt as well.

The administration will investigate the case and find out who is guilty. In most cases customers win and dishonest sellers get fines.

Refund After Dispute Is Closed

For example, you were lucky and the seller was honest. When will you get a refund if the seller closed the dispute and pledged to pay the compensation? It might take up to 60 days, so be patient. Normally, the money return within 3-7 business days though.

You can check the status of the compensation on “My Orders” section in the details of the dispute. If the terms expired and you didn’t get a refund, contact AliExpress support again.

Is It Possible to Open the Dispute Again?

Unfortunately, there is no such an opportunity. The dispute can be opened only once and you can edit it 4 times.

How to Open the Dispute on AliExpress if It is Closed by the Seller but the Product wasn’t Delivered

Unfortunately, it’s impossible. But you still have an option – contact AliExpress customer support service. Provide the evidence and the screenshots of your message history with the seller and your case might be positively resolved.

Can it happen so that the seller canceled the dispute? No, it’s impossible. To close the dispute, the seller whether has to accept it (it means he has to agree with the complaint) or leave it open and wait for the escalation – it takes 7 days. The dispute escalation means that AliExpress administration steps in and it will decide who is right.

What to Do if the Seller Asked to Close the Dispute

Sometimes the seller asks to close the dispute in exchange for some bonus. For example, he might offer some discounts for future purchases or the refund bypassing AliExpress system (for example to your electronic wallet or PayPal account).

Don’t believe these empty promises – you will get nothing after the dispute is closed. Neither you will be able to ask for help from AliExpress administration as it was you who closed the dispute. So don’t close the dispute if you don’t agree with the seller.

Don’t forget to activate cash back on AliExpress before making a purchase to get a part of money back.

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  1. Hii, please help me
    I made an order over a month and a few weeks now, it took the seller about 2 weeks to ship, and later the shipment status was canceled, so I contacted the seller and he promised to change the shipment status and add a new tracking since then the shipment status only changed from canceled but the order not shipped.
    Now the seller asked me to open a dispute for a return and refund when the package hasn’t even been shipped to me
    Here’s the message from the seller
    “”””“ you can do as i say ,
    i can give you full refund
    then you can open the dispute,
    select refund and return ,(please don’t worry ,You don’t have to return anything)
    select the dispute reason is – buyer no need the products,
    i will directly agree and give you full refund””””””””

    Please help, what should I do?

  2. Aliexpress is a scam. Seller agreed to refund for an item I didn’t receive.
    Didn’t send a refund and dispute is closed.
    Just go back to e bay. Much better protection for the buyer.
    Aliexpress…..I’m out.

  3. I’ve had a dispute open for months! I paid a lot of money for two items, both came entirely smashed. Sent in photos etc like I was required, then refund was approved (apparently)

    Months have past with consistent follow up from myself and I still receive no response from the seller, I’ve escalated further up AliExpress and no response from them either.

    How can I take this further? I simply refuse to not get my money back!

  4. I made 2 orders back in Apr. 06 2021,order 8129017929844472 and 8129049377534472,in total 7 products,I’ve opened dispute,the seller was going to refund me for 2 products but even that money is never received,I’ve sent several messages to the seller but never any reply!

  5. On orders 8127123392181598 and 8127007041361598 the goods was never shipped. In dispute Aliexpress decision was full refund on Mar22, today is June6, but money not received. What can I do?

  6. On orders 8127007041361598 and 8127123392181598 there was a dispute as orders have not been shipped at all. Aliexpress judgement was to return full payment, but it was MAR 22 and I cant see refund yet – after 10 weeks. I would like to know how to proceed…

  7. Seller sent me wrong product. I returned with tracking number. Aliexpress customer service also sent a mail confirming that i will get shipping cost too along with refund as seller promised it on message center. Now seller has received the returned product but denying of giving shipping cost saying that its too much expensive.
    I don’t see any way of escalating in higher to aliexpress. Is there any mail id where I can send the mail. Option to chat with agent is no more available for the order.
    Please help

  8. The dispute has been closed and finished and the seller has said they will send a refund. Can the refund only be sent during an open dispute or can the refund be sent after closed dispute? I tried to get it investigated but the whole thing was closed as i didn’t realise I had to provide eviednece that the item wasn’t received

  9. I don’t receive my order and seller close desput no order no refund please help me the seller name. Fei yi pei. Seller company Name. Fashionable Fabric Store. Address. Xiao bei lu bao han zhi jie XX hao de yuan i dong XXXX. City guang chou shi. Zipcode. XXXXXX

  10. HALLO, ICH HABE VERSEHENTLICH EINE FALSCHE Tracking Nummer eingegeben.
    Wie kann ich das korrigieren?
    Es handelt sich um den Kauf mit der Bestellnummer: XXXX

  11. I returned my coat to the address I was told to send it to:

    Street Address:
    57 Industrial Rd, Building B-A, D & B Group
    Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922
    The seller said he doesn’t have the coat
    I have proof I sent it to that address with a tracking number.
    How can I get in touch with someone there because they have the coat and I don’t have a refund? Thank you!

  12. Hi,
    In the dispute, I was asked to send the packages to NJ, USA and given 4 days to do so. I sent the packages and they were received on 10/8/20 and dispute closed on 10/11/20. When I asked for my money, over three thousand dollars the seller said he did not sign for the packages. US sign for it and that’s my problem. What shall I do. I felt tricked and rubbed.

    I felt

  13. Hi!

    Good everning!
    I have opened a dispute.
    I was told by the seller that I would get a refund for an item that was out of stock. The seller told me to not cancel the order as I ordered 3 items from them and as soon as I get the order delivered to claim back the money for the item that I didnt not receive. Well I decided to return the full order as nothing was as described. Because it was 2 items that were delivered I send both of them with the same free label provided by aliexpress as I they didnt provide with 2 separate labels as it was part of the same order.
    My dispute is now closed and I only received one refund for the free label item and the other one thats was send in the same package was ignored. And for the one that I never received was also ignored which means I lost the money for 2 items that I payed for.
    I dont see any option to make a complain about this and everytime I contact customer service im dealing with a robot.

    I feel completely fooled.

    Not sure on what to do next?

  14. Dispute is finished and AliExpress refuse refund stating that the package has been delivered to my local post office but I haven’t received anything yet and it hasn’t been delivered to the post office. What do I do ?

    • These days, there are cases when parcels are delivered to the destination post-office but cannot be tracked. It’s unlikely you can get a refund for this order. For the other ones, it’s better to contact your local post office in time and inquire if the parcel has arrived. They often do arrive but cannot be tracked.

  15. Good day. I had opened a dispute. The seller accepted full refund. Dispute was closed. Now I am not sure what to do next, should I send the product back and wait for refund?

    • Good day. Go to the dispute’s page and check the refund status there. There’s no need to send the product back if you chose Refund only when opening the dispute.

  16. Hi, I ordered two items from one shop called Sparks FY1, and I didn’t receive one of the product. The seller provide the delivery tracking information for the other item and close the dispute, I lost CA$80 for it, what can I do with this situation?

    • To get a refund, you should have opened the dispute. In the dispute, you had to attach evidence (screenshots) proving you didn’t get the item. Then if the seller didn’t accept your evidence and offer, you should have rejected their proposal in the dispute and wait for the AliExpress team to step in and decide.

  17. Hi,i was searching online to see hiw i can get my refund after ali express administrator closed the dispute, u bought a wig for 57.87 canadian dollar which was not as described, i opened a dispute and a return label was sent to me, i sent it to the given address on the 18th of dec 2019 which was supposed to be delivered with a week, but j was not sure of what went wrong, it was not delivered until 17th jan 2020. Ali express has refused to refund me even after tracking showed delivered and the day i sent it. I have contacted service center a lot of times with evidence, but i was not refunded, i contacted seller she said there is nothing she can do about it i should contact service center. I am so disappointed and do not know how to get my money back. Thanks

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