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How to… not Get Scammed on AliExpress. Q&As

How to… not Get Scammed on AliExpress. Q&As

We daily get dozens of questions on disputes and fraud sellers on AliExpress. Some cases have a happy ending, while the others turn to be a source of stress and disappointment for the buyers. The good news is – you can avoid 99,99% of problems in case you know the AliExpress Buyer Protection rules and follow them. Online security when making transactions online is a must, no matter what store you buy from.

In this article, we collected the most frequent questions the readers ask about Aliexpress and the ways to avoid, prevent and solve problems when buying from this website. We hope the article will be useful to you. Please ask your questions in the comments below.

Q1: Can I be cheated by AliExpress?

A1: No, you cannot be cheated by AliExpress. You can be cheated by dishonest sellers on AliExpress though. So the answer to “Can you get scammed on AliExpress?” is – unfortunately, yes.

To prevent being cheated on:

  1. Make sure you are on a real website of AliExpress, as there are numerous fake ones.
  2. Always check the seller’s and the product’s ratings.
  3. Read the reviews of the store and the product.
  4. Check your Buyer Protection Timer and extend it if necessary.
  5. Carefully read the dispute’s rules and follow them, as almost 50% of buyers lose their money they break the dispute’s rules.
  6. Learn basic online security rules and always follow them. Read more on online security.

Q2: How to know if AliExpress is legit?­

A2: Aliexpress is a world-famous platform that needs no further advertising. The links to all legal information is at the bottom of each page of An interesting fact: the exact company you deal with depends on your location. If you live outside China, the company you are contacting is Singapore E-Commerce Private Limited (incorporated in Singapore with Company Reg. No. 200720572D).

how to know if AliExpress is legit

Q3: How to report a fraud item on AliExpress?

A3: To report a fraud item or a seller on AliExpress, use the Disputes&Reports section of the Helpl Center. Read more on how to report an AliExpress seller.

Q4: Does Aliexpress has a fraud department?

A4: No, we do not have any information on fraud departments on AliExpress. Any seller wishing to sell on AliExpress has to provide all papers and personal data, so there is the seller check on AliExpress, and it is quite strict.

Q5: Does AliExpress steal your money?

A5: Any legal business is interested in happy customers. AliExpress has a strong customer protection program, so you can only lose your money if you do not check the seller’s reliability or break the terms when buying from AliExpress.

Q6: What to do if the AliExpress seller disappeared?

A6: “The seller disappeared” mainly means the store was closed or the seller stopped responding to you. In both cases, use the dispute to get a refund if necessary.

Q7: What is AliExpress card fraud?

A7: There’s strong protection against credit card frauds on The SSL protocol is used, as well as the well-developed online transaction system – Alipay.

Q8: How can I be cheated when using a card to pay on AliExpress?

A8: The most frequent type of online card scam is fishing – multiple fraud activities aimed at getting your bank and/or personal data. In 2018, we created an article devoted to the theme. Since then, nothing has changed, and people who do not know this information fall victims to cybercriminals.

how to avoid scam stores on AliExpress

Q9: Who is the AliExpress fraud seller?

A9: There are thousands of stores on AliExpress. Most of them are well-established and care about their reputation and customer loyalty. Some of the sellers prefer to cheat the customers though. Such stores can be easily distinguished by analyzing their age, customer trust, and reviews.

Q10: How to tell if an AliExpress seller is legit?

A10: To find out whether the seller is legit and safe to buy from, you have to analyze a range of factors before making an order.

How to avoid scam stores on AliExpress?

  1. Do not buy from the stores w/o reviews and the rating lower than 93%.
  2. Use Megabonus extension to check the seller’s reliability. It collects all information on the store and the product – you get it in 1 second! With Megabonus extension, you will see the price dynamics; similar products, and cash back percentage for the product.
  3. Carefully read the customer reviews and check real photos.
  4. Never ask for a refund in a private chat with the seller. You have to open the dispute to get a refund, as this is AliExpress not the seller that makes refunds.
  5. Do not buy the product from the 1st store you find. Browse for more stores and buy from the ones with higher ratings.

This is it for today. Was the information helpful to you? The next article in the AliExpress Encyclopedia will be devoted to AliExpress sellers and solutions of possible issues with them.

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  1. Ali express took my money for an order of cell phones. I ordered 3. One was cancelled right away. The second phone, they told me was shipped and on it’s way. They said it was in transit. I’ve been waiting for a month for my order. All of a sudden I get a refund for this phone that’s supposed to be on it’s way. The 3rd phone arrived in the mail. I can’t use this phone because it’s not supported by any network in Indianapolis Indiana. I told them. They said they would not give me a full refund. That I’d have to pay for shipping and customs cost. I feel like I’ve been robbed. The phone they cancelled, I’d ordered 8 phone cases to go with that particular phone. They cancelled the phone, NOT ME. I CAN’T USE CASES FOR A PHONE THEY NEVER SENT!!!!

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