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10 Best Cash Back Apps for Gas

Cashback Guide
10 Best Cash Back Apps for Gas

Having trouble finding a decent cash back app for gas? In that case, you should give the ones below — at least some of them — a try. Here’s our list of AMAZING apps that will make your life easier.

1. GetUpside — one of, if not the best cash back app for gas

getupside app

GetUpside is free, easy to use, and extremely popular. The app provides a user with a solid reward — it’s up to 0.25$ for every gallon purchased, which is more than enough to make the difference if you don’t forget to use it every time you need to gas up.

GetUpside is also a good way to stay informed; once there is a new discount offer, you’ll be the first one to know. The app has already saved its users thousands of dollars by that moment, more than $100 a year for every user on average, so there is no better way to start.

2. Trunow — especially great if you have Trunow partners nearby

trunow gas app

With this simple app, users will receive cash back just by submitting a gas station receipt. The trick is, however, that some of these stations are Trunow Partners and some of them aren’t.

Trunow Partners will provide you with increased cash back — up to 2% — but you don’t always have a way to check if a certain station is on the list. You can’t go wrong with this app, anyway.

3. iBotta — Extremely valuable if you don’t ignore gas station convenience stores

ibotta gas station offers

Why would you, anyway? There isn’t a simpler way to buy food and stuff while on the road, so you really want to get cash back on Gas Station Convenience Stores purchases, too. This app is what you’re looking for.

iBotta provides its users with great offers, relevant information, and so on. It does not help you to get back your money spent on gas, however, so it’s recommended to combine iBotta with something else.

4. GasBuddy — an all-knowing friend

gasbuddy stores

With a solid $0.05 per gallon rate, Gas Buddy is a cash back app, no doubt. And yet, this one is arguably at its best when you decide where and how to spend your money. There is A LOT of relevant information about gas prices and stations, so you’ll always know where to go next. There are permanent discounts offers, too, which makes GasBuddy something bigger than just another cash back app.

GasBuddy even rewards its users for reporting prices to the application. By helping your fellow drivers, a person can receive various bonuses and save more.

5. Speedway — getting gifts

speedy way app

Speedway rewards you with great gifts and asks nothing in return — just being a good person is enough! Or, well, almost enough. For every purchase, you earn special Speedway points that can be traded for gifts and gift cards later.

The app doesn’t seem like much at first, but we’ve included Speedway in the list for a reason. Just give it a chance, and you’ll be pleased to discover just how helpful it is.

6. Dosh

dosh cash back website

Another great cash back app. After installing, Dosh will ask you to link your card to your account. Don’t be afraid, as a lot of people have been using this app for months and years without any issues concerning its safety and reliability.

Once you’ve gone through the verification procedure, you’ll be able to use Dosh services at stores and gas stations. No additional actions required: just with the card you’ve linked earlier. The solid 10% cash back rate is what makes this app special even when there is a lot of alternatives. The actual rate is usually a bit lower though, since it varies depending on the stores and products you’re paying for.

7. Mobee

mobee apps

While not exactly a cash back app, Mobee gives you an opportunity to make every gallon count. It will ask you to become one of its secret shoppers, meaning that you’ll receive gifts and money just for buying an item and giving your opinion on its quality.

Mobee’s at its best when you already travel a lot. The chances are, the app will ask you to visit places you would’ve visited anyway, including gas stations, and that’s what makes this app so cool. Why would someone say no to extra money for doing things they always do?

8. Murphy Drive Rewards

murphy rewards

Murphy Drive Rewards is one of those cash back apps every driver wants to have on their smartphone. It has been created with the sole purpose of making your road funnier and easier.

Other than cash back on gas, Murphy Drive Rewards provides a user with various gifts and rewards, including free snacks at stores and gas stations. It also gives you actual information on gas prices, great discounts, and so on.

Just like most of the apps in this list, Murphy Drive Rewards is available both on Android and iOS. In Apple Store, for example, it has an absolutely positive rating with an impressive 4.8 / 5 score and more than 200k votes.

If you drive a lot, give Murphy Drive Rewards a try. There’s no reason not to.

9. Cashbac

cashbac website

Unlike the previous app, Cashbac is not available on iOS, and that’s the main reason we didn’t place it higher in the list. Other than that, Cashbac is great — it’s safe, reliable, and easy to use. You have to connect this application with one of your cards in order to have started, but this won’t take much time. Cashbac supports digital wallet systems too, by the way, if you prefer to play it safe.

To get maximum from this application, take advantage of its referral program. Share the registration code with your friends to get some surprising bonuses!

10. Receipt Hog

receipt hog website

The Receipt Hog app will not ask you to link a credit card (or a debit one). Instead, you’ll have to take a picture of your receipt — that’s the direct way to get rewards! Once you’ve collected enough bonuses, you can convert them to real money (PayPal’s needed, though) or simply buy a gift card. It ain’t much, as they say, but it’s worth it.

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