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How to Use Coupons on AliExpress

How to Use Coupons on AliExpress

We shared a lot of information on the types and values of AliExpress coupons. This article is basically on the general rules for coupons’ use. Where to get AliExpress coupons? What is the coupon’s lifetime? Are there any limitations on the use of AliExpress coupons in the mobile app? How to save the most with AliExpress coupons? Read the answers to these and many other questions below.

What is the AliExpress Coupon?

The AliExpress Coupon is a code that gives you a discount on the order. The coupon’s value is from $2 and more – most often, up to $150. There are limitations on the use of coupons. The coupon can be used if:

  1. The store accepts this type of coupons for this order.
  2. The coupon is active (didn’t expire).
  3. Your order sum meets the minimum order sum requirements.

To check whether the coupon can be used or not, see the information on the types of coupons on the order page or check what coupons can be applied to the order when redirected to the payment page.

AliExpress coupon on product page - Instant Discount

Before placing the order, check the store’s page to see all the information on discounts and sale items to save more.

Store Sale Items AliExpress

AliExpress Coupons’ Lifetime

The time within which the coupon is active, is different. The coupons you pick up during the sales are mainly active for the sale period. The New User AliExpress Coupon is active for 1 month, but as a rule, it starts before the coupon is issued, so the user has about 2 weeks to use the coupon. The coupon’s active time cannot be extended. In case you apply for a refund, the coupon’s value is not refunded.

Types of AliExpress Coupons

Full information on the types of AliExpress coupons can be found here. In brief, there are the 3 following types of coupons on AliExpress:

  1. AliExpress Coupons. Can be used in any store. Issued on special occasions only.
  2. AliExpress Select Coupons. Can be used to pay for any order in case the store accepts Select Coupons. Some other limitations might apply, so check the coupon’s terms before using it.
  3. Store Coupons. Can only be used in the store that gave it. The main limitation is the minimum order sum.
  4. The New User Coupon is the coupon you get for signing up for AliExpress. It’s a $3-4 dollar coupon you can use for any order of $5 and more. In case you sign up through the invite link, you get 4 coupons of $3, $4, $5 and $10 in value. Check the full guide to the AliExpress New User Coupons to know all new AliExpress user benefits.

Multiple AliExpress Coupons

Many user wonder whether it’s is possible to use more than one coupon once. In most cases, this is possible. If the order sum is over the minimum limit that suits several coupons in sum, you can apply several coupons for the same order. In case there are the promo codes available, you can also use them. For your convenience, the full list of AliExpress promo codes is collected on one page and is always up-to-date. Check before buying, activate cash back and save more!

How to Use Aliexpress Coupons

Let’s see how to use AliExpress coupons.

Where to check available AliExpress coupons?

To check all coupons you have at the moment, go to the Coupon Center. The list of the coupons will be displayed there, with all the details that apply to each of them.

AliExpress Coupons Center

How to apply a coupon for an order on AliExpress?

Add the product to the Cart (don’t forget to activate cash back before choosing to get up to 4.91% of the product’s price back!) and proceed to the payment page. You will see the list of the coupons that can be applied to the order right above the total:

Use Coupons AliExpress

How to Use AliExpress Coupons in the Mobile App

There are even more opportunities to get coupons if you have the AliExpress mobile app installed. You get coins for:

  • product reviews,
  • visiting the app daily,
  • fulfilling tasks from AliExpress (sharing or liking a post, using image search, following a store, etc.),
  • growing the money tree.

Daily Tasks AliExpress

The coins can be later exchanged into coupons. The exchange rate can be seen on the Coupon Exchange page. To open it, go to Account– Wallet – Coins.

AliExpress Account


AliExpress Wallet

To use the coupon in the AliExpress mobile app, act like on the website: place the order and choose the payment method. You will see the fields with the coupons and the one where the promo code can be entered above the order summary.

Use Coupons in the AliExpress Mobile App

How to Save with AliExpess Coupons

  • Activate cash back on AliExpress. You get up to 4.91% of the product cost.
  • Use multiple coupons when possible.
  • Use prоmo codes with coupons.
  • Collect coins and exchange them into coupons.
  • During the time periods, you also get additional coins and coupons for adding the product to the cart or paying for the order.

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