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How to cancel an order in Joom: step-by-step instructions

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How to cancel an order in Joom: step-by-step instructions

Joom — is one of the largest trading platforms which specializes in the delivery of goods from China to Russia and around the world. Today the number of buyers exceeds 100 million people.

Every day, sellers process more than 1 million orders.

What to do if you ordered the wrong product or changed your mind about buying it? Is it possible to cancel an order on Joom?

Cashback service “Megabonus” has prepared step-by-step instructions on how to cancel an order before checkout and after payment. We will also tell you how to get your money back after canceling a purchase.

How to cancel order on Joom before checkout

All selected items are in the shopping cart until the order is placed and paid for. To delete items, you need to perform the following actions.

  • Go to the “Shopping Cart” section.

Joom online store page

  • Select the individual item you want to delete. You can check the “Select All” box.

Shopping Cart Joom

  • To confirm the deletion, click “Delete Selected”.

Deleting items from Joom cart

Items added to the cart are not considered a completed order. You cannot cancel the deletion of selected items. To add items to the cart again, you need to use the search in the Marketplace.

How to cancel a Joom item after payment

From the moment you pay for the goods, the order is considered to be processed. You can view detailed information in the “Orders” section. All your purchases are categorized here.

  1. Active. Here you can view all items that you have paid for, but they have not yet been delivered to the buyer.
  2. Awaiting shipment. This section contains all paid purchases that the seller has not yet transferred to shipping.
  3. Shipped. Here you will see information about all purchases that are in transit. From the moment of shipment each parcel is assigned a unique track number, by which you can see the location of the goods.
  4. Pending review. This category contains all purchases that you have confirmed receipt of. You can leave a review for each item.
  5. Completed. List of orders received by the customer.

You can cancel a paid order only within two hours of payment. To cancel an order after payment is as follows.

  • Go to the orders section and select the one you want to cancel.

My Joom orders

  • In the card, select “Cancel Order”.
  • Confirm your action and provide a reason.

If you cancel an order via web version of the marketplace or the iOS mobile app, you do not need to specify a reason. The money for the product will be refunded to the buyer, on average, within 7-14 days.

Orders with the status “Sent” or “Confirmed” cannot be canceled.

How to contact seller

Customers of this marketplace cannot contact the seller directly. If you have any questions, you can contact the marketplace support team.

  • You need to go to the support section.

Section "Support" Joom

  • Next, select a question category. Here you can find answers to the most popular customer questions.
  • If you do not find a suitable topic in the list, you can select “Ask your own question”.

Ask your question in Joom

  • In the window that appears, enter your name, e-mail address and describe your problem. If necessary, you can attach files.

The technical support service of the marketplace contacts the seller and helps to resolve the dispute. If it is not possible to resolve the issue with the seller, Joom will be guided by the marketplace policy.

As a result, the buyer’s claims and demands may be granted or denied.

Refund after canceling a purchase on Joom

After canceling a paid but not shipped order, the money is returned to the buyer’s bank card or e-wallet, depending on the method of payment for the goods. This happens within 1-2 weeks.

If you have received the product but want to return it for any reason, you can do so within 30 days of receiving the parcel. in this case, the money will be returned to the card from which you paid for the purchase within 14 days.

There is one more way to get your money back – Chargeback. You can contact the marketplace’s support service or directly to the bank.

If you solve the issue through the marketplace, each issue is considered individually in the shortest possible time – within 1-2 days. Chargeback through the bank takes longer, because the buyer may be asked for additional information on disputing the payment or may be required to be present in person at the bank branch.

Canceling orders on this trading platform has its own features. If you have already paid for the goods and they are collected or transferred to the transportation company, it is impossible to cancel it. You can only return the goods after receipt to the seller and receive a monetary refund.

If you want to buy on the Joom marketplace economically, activate cacheback on our service. You can get back from 0.66 to 6.51% of the purchase amount. The rate of cashback depends on the category of goods from the paid order.

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