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What Do We Know about Alibaba Future Leader Daniel Zhang?

What Do We Know about Alibaba Future Leader Daniel Zhang?

This September Jack Ma who has been the chairman of Alibaba since its very foundation in 1999 announced he was going to step down in 2019, on his 55th birthday. The company flourished with Jack Ma and will for sure hold positions.

Nevertheless, we all know that many things depend on the leader. So who is Daniel Zhang who is going to become Alibaba SEO in 2019? Can we expect some impressive changes when he “comes to power”? Here are top 10 facts about Daniel:

  1. Daniel Zhang was born in Shanghai in 1972 and is 46 now.
  2. Studied at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (a diploma in accounting).
  3. Is the CEO of Alibaba Group (since 2015).
  4. This is he who invented the famous Singles’ Day Sale.
  5. First joined Alibaba subsidiary Taobao in 2007.
  6. Was promoted to TMALL president in 2011.
  7. His nickname is “Free and Unfettered Person”.
  8. Considered to be a good strategist.
  9. Has been developing the famous New Retail approach.
  10. Has contributed to13 quarters of Alibaba sustainable growth.

As you can see, he is not the guy from the street and is the one who thoroughly knows Alibaba Group from inside. The contribution he has already made to the company cannot be overpraised, so Alibaba will be in good hands. Will he think as big as Jack does and make the company even more profitable? Little time left to see.”

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