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3 Ways to Earn on Cashback

Cashback Guide
3 Ways to Earn on Cashback

The internet offers a lot of opportunities to earn and make money virtually out of thin air. You can save a considerable sum without much effort. So how to earn on cash back?   

The first way — get cash back for every purchase

Megabonus offers one of the highest cash back rates in most shops as compared to other cashback services. The selection of our partner stores is also impressive.

For example, Megabonus gives up to 4.91% cash back on AliExpress. It means that you can save about $15 spending $150 every month. What is more important, with our price and store comparison tools you pay for purchases less, so you get bigger economy. You can also get cash back on eBay, iHerb, GearBest, Aviasales and many other websites you regularly order from.

The second way — affiliate or partner links

Invite a friend

Any store is interested in sales’ increase, and this is why cash back services (helping to increase the number of customers) were created. There is a solution helping to reach these goals – partner programs also allowing to increase your personal income. More info here.

Save with Megabonus on purchases and share the idea of economical online shopping with:

  1. Your friends who buy online.
  2. The fellow entrepreneurs who regularly buy online for their businesses. For example, they can make a set of products their customers can be interested in and share the links to them.
  3. Your followers on social networks. This is a very promising and interesting activity that can become not only a hobby, but also an opportunity to start an online business.

Any of these two options is a way to help other people earn and save with cashback services. On average, a Megabonus user annually saves $400 in cash back. Professional webmasters and retailers return $10,000 and more in cash back.

The third way – cash back links to products

Create a cash back link to any product in Megabonus partner stores, share it with your friends and get cash back for their purchases. Just imagine: all the followers of your channel or friends on social networks can make purchases via your links! If 100 people buy an item worth $20-25 each, you will get $98-122!

It’s up to you to choose any of the three options. How much you can monthly earn depends only on your efforts and creativity.

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