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How to Restore a Cancelled Orders on AliExpress

How to Restore a Cancelled Orders on AliExpress

Sometimes an order can be canceled by accident. Is it possible to restore a canceled order? The answer is – yes. Moreover, there are several methods to do it.

About Order Cancellation on AliExpress

Customers can cancel the order before the seller passes it to the courier service. No matter if the order was paid or not. The customer will get a refund if the order was already paid.

After the seller shipped the parcel, it’s not possible to cancel the order. You will have to wait for the parcel to arrive and either take it or return it to the sender. In this case, the customer bears the return shipping costs and no refund is provided. So this method isn’t the best one. This is why it’s easier and cheaper to check all the information right after making an order. If there is a mistake, cancel the order as soon as possible.

How to Restore an Unpaid Order on AliExpress

You can easily restore a cancelled order if it hasn’t been paid yet. Usually, you can restore such an order only within first minutes after the order cancellation (longer time allowed during big sales).

To instantly restore an order, go to: “My orders” à“Deleted Orders”. If the restoring is still possible, there will be the “Restore order” button. If there is no such a button, you will have to make an order from scratch. You can go to the “My orders” section and find the product there not to search the website for a long time.

Next to the item, there is an “Add to cart again” button.

This way you will be able to quickly restore a cancelled order.

How to Restore a Paid Order on AliExpress

Don’t worry if you have already been charged for the order. You will get a refund within 10 business days. You can inquire about the refund terms via contacting the seller.

What to do if you didn’t get a refund yet and you want to restore a deleted order? There is a single option – pay for the product again and get a refund later.

The order can be restored the same way as an unpaid one. You can also reorder it by clicking the “Details” button.

Usually, no problems occur while restoring paid or unpaid orders when you deal with honest sellers. Megabonus browser extension helps to choose reliable sellers. A green shield indicates that the seller is good to buy from.

AliExpress seller reliability

Besides, Megabonus displays the cashback rate on AliExpress and in other stores.

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