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How to Escalate the Dispute on AliExpress if there is no “Escalate” Button

How to Escalate the Dispute on AliExpress if there is no “Escalate” Button

If you were ever disappointed by the product from AliExpress (which happens rarely but still happens) and were willing to get your money back, then this post is for you.

We have already discussed how to open disputes and what details are worth considering to win the dispute.

Now it’s time to discuss how to escalate an open dispute on AliExpress and what to do if there is no “Escalate dispute” button.

The “Escalate” Button on AliExpress

After opening the dispute, wait for the seller’s reaction (they have 5 days to respond). This time is reserved for the parties to negotiate without the AliExpress administration stepping-in. This is why you won’t see the “Escalate dispute” button right after you open the dispute.

If the seller ignores your request and doesn’t react, then you will automatically get a refund.

If the seller responds (they can either reject the dispute or offer the solution), then the “Escalate dispute” button appears. Before using this button, it’s recommended to double-check that you have all the necessary evidence to win the dispute. You will be able to add the information to the dispute’s application by clicking “Edit” before sending the dispute to escalation. Please note that you won’t be able to edit the data after the escalation. Check our article to learn important details and find some tips on how to contact the seller to win the dispute.

When the Dispute Is Escalated

After escalation, your dispute gets the “Under Review” status. The review may take a lot of time, so it’s worth checking the status every day. If you go to “Dispute Details”, you will see all the actions performed within the dispute processing. The possible statuses are “Under Review”, “Awaiting Seller’s Reply”, etc.

Sometimes AliExpress administration might request additional evidence from both sides. Usually, there is a timer notifying you how much time you have left. Don’t miss the expiration day as it directly affects the results of the dispute.

Negotiation with the Seller

Even if the dispute is already escalated, the seller might offer possible ways to resolve the conflict. In this case, the “Accept” and the “Decline” buttons appear. By accepting the seller’s offer, you claim the conflict to be resolved and the dispute gets closed. By declining the offer, you wait for the AliExpress administration decision. Be careful as not all sellers are honest and reliable.

Use this check-list of a successful dispute:

  • The “Escalate Dispute button” only appears after the seller’s reaction.
  • By clicking the escalation button, you are no longer able to make changes to the dispute’s description.
  • It’s necessary to track the status of the dispute when you escalate the dispute. In case the AliExpress administration requests additional evidence, you are obliged to provide it.

We hope you won’t get into such situations. Remember – when you win a dispute, you get your money back. Seller gets bad reviews and no cashback from AliExpress is credited for such purchases.

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  1. Any advice on what to do if the seller accepts AliExpress solution for a full refund and seller pays rent shipping and now he refuses to do so. What can I do?

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