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SHEIN Club: membership benefits and cost

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SHEIN Club: membership benefits and cost

Fast-fashion retailer SHEIN is known for the low prices and never-ending sales. But not all products are sold at a discount. Is there still some way to save on their purchase in addition to points, promo codes and cash back from Megabonus? Yes, join the SHEIN club.

Keep reading to find out what the benefits of the program are, how to join it, how much is shein club membership and whether it is worth it.

SHEIN Club: membership benefits

The benefits of membership are almost the same for the US and UK. Here’s what you’ll get if you become a member:

Exclusive 5% discount for non-sale items. The products to which such discount can be applied have a special logo SHEIN Club near their prices. The discount can also be used with your points, personal promo codes, vouchers and cash back.

All the items with exclusive club discount can be found on a special page: for UK here, or US here.  

Клубная скидка

Shipping coupons for free or discounted shipping redeeming the fee. Every 31 days you will receive a new bunch of coupons you can spend. They can also be used along with other promo codes, coupons or discounts.

Double points (for US users only). As you know, you get points for every order on SHEIN. As a member of the SHEIN Club, points will be awarded to you at a double rate. This increased rate is also combined with any other Double Points offers that are taking place at the moment.

To better understand how many points you will get, take a look at the picture below.

Сколько очков вы получите

More discounts and additional benefits. From time to time, SHEIN arranges special promotions for Club members. Follow the updates on the website, in social networks and by e-mail.

How to join SHEIN Club

Any registered SHEIN user from the USA and the UK over the age of 18 can join the program. Unfortunately, the program is not yet available in other countries. Yet it’s new, so stay tuned for updates!

To join the SHEIN Club membership you need to pay a fee. There are two ways to purchase it:

1. Log into your User Account and purchase a membership directly on the member-only page for US or UK.Membership

2. Choose the subscription to the Club whilst placing an order on the site or the app, and pay the fee together with the order. In this case, your new membership will automatically apply to the current order and you will get all the benefits.

Выбрать подписку в Клуб

Once your payment is successfully made, you will receive an email with all the details about the membership: validity period, conditions and so on. Make sure you remember the end date, so you will have to renew it manually and pay for membership every time.

How to get SHEIN Club for free

You can become a member for free, but only for 14 days. If you are not sure whether to buy a membership and want to experience its benefits for yourself, the trial will help.

To sign up for the SHEIN Club free trial, you must be registered on SHEIN, haven’t bought a membership in the last 365 days, and be a SHEIN VIP S1 level or above for US (or VIP S3 level and above for UK). 

The offer is available and can be signed up for on the SHEIN Club Members-only page.


How much is SHEIN Club membership

The cost of a subscription depends on its duration and the country in which you buy it. Also, its cost may change at the discretion of the SHEIN company itself. So, if the price changes by the time the membership is renewed, you will have to buy at the current price, not the previous one.

Sometimes SHEIN even makes a discount on the purchase of membership, offering a limited-time ‘Special discount’ or ‘Special offer’ promotion.  Keep an eye on the site or app if you want to buy at the best price.

You can pay for the membership in any convenient way except for points, SHEIN wallet, gift card and vouchers. After the purchase you will become a member immediately.

What is SHEIN Club quarterly

Apart from the free trial, SHEIN Club membership has two kinds of fees:

  • Quarterly (available both for US and UK), which means once in 3 months and lasts 93 days.
  • Annually (available only for US), which means once 12 months and lasts 372 days. 

At the moment, you can renew your membership 30 days before the expiration of your current membership and only for 1 term. After a successful renewal, 1 active membership will be created pending.

Active membership

The fee for October 2023 look like this:

  • Quarterly: $6.99 for US OR GBP£5.99 for UK
  • Annually: $19.99 for US

The benefit in price for the USA is about $8. Therefore, if you are sure that you need the SHEIN Club membership, it is better to purchase it immediately for a whole year. Perhaps such an option will also appear soon for the UK.

Is SHEIN Club worth it

Whether SHEIN Club is worth it or not depends on your consumer appetites and the amount you spend on shopping. If you often shop at SHEIN, would like to get early access to new collections and appreciate free shipping or redeemed shipping fees, Shein Club may be a good offer for you. 

However, if you only shop at Shein from time to time and consider buying on-sale items only (which don’t apply on Club discount), the cost of Shein Club may not be worth it. 

So our advice is to look at your purchase history, try the free trial membership option and do some math afterwards. 

The only thing that does not need calculations and will always benefit you is the cash back. We refund up to 6.7% for each of your purchases whatever item you bought. Learn more about the countries and conditions available for purchase on the page at the link.

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