This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) is a part of the User Agreement. The Policy cannot be interpreted and used outside the provisions of the User Agreement and vice versa.

The Company undertakes to protect the confidentiality and security of Users’ personal data in accordance with the laws of the European Union (hereinafter, the EU) and international law. The application of high standards of conduct in matters of confidentiality ensures the protection of Users’ personal data in accordance with applicable law.

The Policy clarifies how the control and processing of personal data of Users using Megabonus Web Service are carried out. The Policy also defines the basics of processing data that is collected or provided by Users, including the rights and methods of its protection.

Ensuring the safety of Users’ data is one of the priorities of the Company. Data protection laws vary by country, and laws applicable in the USA and other countries are not equivalent to those in the EU or some other jurisdictions. The Company takes all available and sufficient measures to protect Users’ data in accordance with the requirements for local data protection requirements.

To use the Web Service, the User shall carefully read this document in order to understand the position and practices of the Company in relation to Users’ personal data. It is recommended that you regularly check the Policy for updates.

The emergence of new regulatory requirements, more advanced technical solutions, as well as the adoption of certain business decisions may require introducing changes to the Privacy Policy. On the Web Service Site you can always find the current version of the Policy.

The Company acts as the operator of personal data, combining the functions of a controller and a processor of personal data in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of April 27, 2016.


Reasons for using personal data

Personal data can be used for identification purposes for concluding and executing the Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the identification for Registration/Authorization), as well as for the subsequent execution of the terms of the Agreement, which includes:

  • implementation of the functionality of the Service Sections, the Bring-A-Friend program, and other similar ones;
  • improvement, enhancing, modernization, updating of the capabilities and functionality of the Web Service (hereinafter, the improvement of the Web Service);
  • promotion of Goods with a description of the Cashback that the User could receive for their purchase in the relevant online stores (hereinafter referred to as the promotion under the User Agreement);
  • promotion of services of the Web Service, including informing on new features, the functionality of the Web Service, as well as on special offers, prize draws, discounts and other, including the conditions of loyalty programs and other (hereinafter, the promotion of the Web Service);
  • informing in relation to the Agreement, including its updates (hereinafter, the informing under the User Agreement).

Personal data may also be used for:

  • Cashback payments in accordance with applicable law and the requirements of payment systems selected to receive Cashback (hereinafter referred to as the Cashback payment);
  • for direct marketing, advertising and promotion (hereinafter, the direct marketing);
  • for studying the consumer market, taking into account Users’ personal data and experience of using the Web Service for the purpose of marketing services and services of the Web Service (hereinafter referred to as the market research for the Web Service marketing);
  • for complying with the requirements of applicable law or a court resolution or other competent state or municipal authority (hereinafter, the compliance with the requirements of the law or the resolution of the competent authority).

The Web Service uses the data to provide the Users with the full, relevant and convenient functionality of the Web Service, as well as for its subsequent development in order to better satisfy and anticipate the expectations and requests of the Users.


Personal data used

Information that the User provides when registering at the Web Service using email: the e-mail address, the password for the Personal Account. When registering at the Web Service through social networks, the User can provide: the identifier (ID) of the Facebook profile, VKontakte profile, Odnoklassniki profile or Google account, as well as a profile/account photo, the email address, the last name and first name, the date of birth and the gender. Such data is deemed as identification information.

On his or her own initiative, after the Registration, the User can provide such additional identification information as the last name and first name, the gender, the date of birth, the state of residence and the desired interface language, as well as the identifier (ID) of the profile on Facebook, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte and Google plus (if Registration or Authorization has not been carried out through the User’s profile in any of the above social networks or if any of these social networks do not have the relevant data).

Files provided by the User may contain meta-data, so when the User uses the Web Service, they may be available to third parties. Using the Web Service, the User understands the fact that the Web Service maintains its neutrality and does not interfere with the files provided by the User, therefore the User undertakes to independently determine and control the availability and volume of meta-data, which may become available to the third parties as a result of their publication by the User through the use of the Web Service.


Details for Cashback transfer

Depending on the requirements of payment systems and applicable law, the User may indicate a phone number, an email address for withdrawing funds to PayPal, the actual address of residence, the bank card or account number (the wallet number in the payment system) and other information necessary for paying Cashback in accordance with the requirements of applicable law and payment systems.

The service also receives information from other sources.

Regardless of the method of processing personal data, the following standard internal and external information is collected (if possible):

  • the ID in the Service assigned after Registration;
  • the date and time of Registration;
  • the date and time of Authorization;
  • the social network token, the date of birth, the gender, a profile/personal account photo, the link to the profile of the social network when Authorization is carried out by using the User’s profile in the above social networks;
  • the IP-address during Registration and Authorization, upon request for password recovery, upon request for payment, upon addition of payment details;
  • information about the Goods viewed by the User when using the functionality of the Service;
  • geolocation data (on the location) during Registration and Authorization;
  • the User’s Device identifiers;
  • the operating system and its version;
  • the type and version of the web browser;
  • the version of the Program used by the User;
  • the language used;
  • the level in the loyalty program;
  • the type and date of application of the promo code;
  • the promo code expiration date;
  • the number of days the promo code is valid;
  • the number of purchases covered by the promo code
  • the account status (active, deleted, blocked);
  • the date of blocking and unblocking the account (if any);
  • the evaluation of the online store as a whole, the evaluation of the delivery speed at the online store, the evaluation of the quality of support at the online store, the evaluation of the goods conformity at the online store;
  • description of the advantages and disadvantages of the online store;
  • a comment on the Online store;
  • the fact of putting the mark “I would buy it in this store again”;
  • the fact of affixing a “like”/“dislike” to a review or feedback;
  • Cashback activation date and time;
  • the number of subscribers;
  • the name of the package, its track number, location, status, weight, as well as points of departure and waiting;
  • the amount of the confirmed, rejected and pending confirmation of remuneration/Сashback;
  • the date, time and content of a comment;
  • the date and time of the Extension deleting, reasons for its delete, description of wishes;
  • the date and time of the request for the use of the feedback form, as well as the subject and content of the request;
  • the date, time and content of the answer to the question received after using the feedback form;
  • the date and time of sending the application through the form for unearned Cashback, as well as other related data: the date of purchase, the order number, a link to the product, the product price, the currency, the order screenshot, the Online store ID;
  • the date and time of sending the notification, its type, title, content;
  • detailed behaviour data on the Site, including: the time spent on web pages; the data on clicks on the links placed on web pages; the data on the movement of the cursor or other pointer on web pages; the data on the scrolling of the contents of web pages;
  • cookies (small files that are stored in the memory of the User’s Device, designed to personalize user activity and behaviour on the Site and other sites on the Internet).

Additionally, information is collected from online stores and the Web Service partners in relation to purchased Goods (upon execution of the Agreement); information from payment systems, banks, telecom operators and other intermediaries involved in making Cashback payments; any information that is necessary to comply with the requirements of the law or a resolution of the competent state authority.


Methods of processing (using) personal data

The use of personal data depends on the specific purposes of its processing.


The use of personal data for identification purposes during Registration

In order to individualize the User as a party to the Agreement, the Web Service needs to receive sufficient information that allows to establish its identity. To do this, there is a Registration procedure in the Web Service.

For successful Registration, the User shall provide his or her identification information. The Web Service collects, records and organizes the User’s identification information, including by using automation tools. The Web Service may ask to update this information to ensure that such identification information is accurate and up to date.

The User’s identification information is stored until the date of termination of the Agreement (removal of the User’s Personal Account). Subsequently, after 30 days, such identification information is deleted.


The use of personal data upon execution of the Agreement

The Web Service processes the provided information in all ways necessary for the most complete and high-quality execution of the Agreement, including the implementation of the certain functionality of the Web Service, the improvement of the Web Service and providing information related to the Agreement: identification information, additional identification information, standard external information, information from third parties in relation to the acquisition by the Users of goods, works and/or services as part of their use of the Web Service’s functionality.

By using automated processing of the above data, the Service generates derivative data on Users’ preferences, which it uses for the full and high-quality execution of the Agreement, including for improving the Web Service, promoting the Agreement and promoting the Services.

For the User, this means that the Web Service, for example, draws the attention of the User to those offers of online stores that would probably be more interesting to the User, based on his or her behaviour in the Web Service.

Promotion of the Web Service is carried out for providing the existing and potential Users with full information on the existing functionality of the Web Service, on the new features of the Web Service, as well as to make the Users use the Web Service more actively, receiving additional benefits from this.

The Web Service also collects, records, systematizes, accumulates and uses the personal data listed above; transfers it to advertising platforms and services, partners of the Web Service under their contracts and agreements with the Web Service, the fulfilment of which is necessary or creates prerequisites for the possibility of concluding and executing the Agreement with the Users; uses them to send notifications to Users by posting them in the Personal Account and sending e-mails to Users (for example, e-mails on crediting Cashback, changing balances, orders and parcels; e-mails innovations of the Web Service or on publishing a new version of the Agreement; e-mails on new special offers, prize draws and other events and programs that stimulate the use of the Web Service; other service and information e-mails).

In case Users have completed Registration as a result of using the URL provided by another User as part of their use of the Bring-A-Friend program (hereinafter referred to as the Inviting User), the Web Service provides the Inviting User with partial information on the invited User in the Web Service (partially hidden e-mail address), as well as information on the date and time of registration of the invited User; however, the Web Service does not disclose to the Inviting User specific goods, works, and/or services related to the placed order of the invited User.

The above-mentioned personal data is stored until the date of termination of the Agreement between the User and the Web Service (deletion of the User’s Personal Account). Subsequently, after 30 days, such identification information is deleted.


The use of personal data for paying Cashback

In order to provide Cashback payment, the Web Service requires information on the method and details necessary for transferring the funds. The Web Service also shall be able to check the status of the execution of such a transaction.

For this, the Web Service receives from the Users the details for transferring the Cashback, and from operators of payment systems, banks, telecom operators and other intermediaries participating in the payment of the Cashback — information on the possibility, acceptance and status of the transaction.

The Web Service collects, records, systematizes, accumulates and uses the above information when processing payment documents and transferring Cashback.

The Web Service stores the above personal data until the date of termination of the Agreement between the User and the Web Service (deleting the User’s Personal Account). Subsequently, after 30 days, such identification information is deleted.


The use of personal data for direct marketing

The Web Service carries out direct marketing, as a result of which information on the Goods becomes available to the User, which may interest him or her. For this, the Web Service collects, records, systematizes, accumulates and uses the identification information provided by the User (excluding the User’s password to the Personal Account), additional identification information, as well as information received from other sources.

The Web Service may provide an opportunity to collect information in the anonymous mode to some of its partners under the concluded relevant agreements with the Web Service on analytics, statistical research, as well as advertising, promotion or marketing. Due to this, various marketing, statistical and technical tools are available to the Web Service. Currently, such an opportunity is provided to:

(a) Facebook — the data usage policy is published at;

(b) Google Analytics — the terms of use are published at;

(c) Yandex.Metrica — terms of use are published at;

(d) — the regulations on protecting user information are published at;

(e) Google Ads — the terms of use are published at;

(f) MyTarget — the privacy policy provisions are available at and;

(g) AppsFlyer — the privacy policy provisions are published at;

(h) Firebase — the privacy policy provisions are published at

The Web Service stores the above data until the date of termination of the Agreement between the User and the Web Service (deleting the User’s Personal Account). Subsequently, after 30 days, such information is deleted.


The use of data in market research for the Web Service marketing

The Web Service carries out market research for the Web Service marketing, taking into account the behaviour and preferences of Users. Marketing contributes to the growth of the Web Service, which subsequently improves the quality, reliability and convenience of the provided functionality and capabilities of the Web Service.

For conducting market research for the Web Service marketing, the identification information provided by the Users (except for the User’s password to the Personal Account), the additional identification information provided by the Users, standard external information, as well as the results of automated analysis and other processing of the above are collected, recorded, systematized, accumulated and used.

Such automatic processing allows the Web Service to carry out market research and obtain relevant results, as well as structure the results by categories of Users depending on various criteria (for example, the country of residence and the preferred interface language). Thus, user data becomes part of the results of market research for the Web Service marketing.

The Web Service takes into account the above data when developing its market strategy, functionality and improvement of the Web Service.

The Web Service stores the above personal data until the date of termination of the Agreement between the User and the web Service (deleting the User’s Personal Account). Subsequently, the above data is deleted, and the research results are anonymized (if they were not anonymized earlier).


Reasons for use

The Web Service uses the Users’ personal data legally and processes the User’s personal data only if he or she provides consent to the processing of such data by ways specified in the Agreement; or the processing of the User’s personal data is necessary for the execution of the Agreement; or the relevant personal data has been made publicly available by the User and is in the public domain; or the processing of Users’ personal data shall be carried out by the Web Service in accordance with the requirements of applicable law, a court resolution or a resolution of a competent state or municipal authority.


Personal data storage

The Web Service provides recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarifying (updating, changing), extracting user personal data by using databases located in the European Union.


Data transfer outside the EU

The requirements of the EU law oblige to inform that data can be transferred to countries where the level of ensuring and regulating the protection of data confidentiality does not meet the high standards developed and applied in the EU. When transferring data to countries for which the European Commission has not indicated that the level of personal data protection in these countries is commensurate with EU regulation, there is hypothetical likelihood of personal data leakage and the elimination of such leakage within a reasonable time increases. In such circumstances, the data may be disclosed, and not authorized persons may use it without the consent of the User. By giving consent to the processing of data in accordance with the Agreement, the User unambiguously confirms that he or she is fully aware and accepts the possible risks.

The Web Service, in turn, takes measures to minimize these risks for the User by including (as far as possible) the provisions that comply with standard contractual terms approved by the European Commission in the contracts and agreements with recipients of such data.


Data privacy protection

The Web Service takes a set of technical, organizational and legal measures and ensures their adoption to fully protect Users’ data from unauthorized or unintentional access, collection, storage, use, transfer, blocking or destruction, as well as from other illegal actions or inaction of third parties or sudden leakages.

Data confidentiality is ensured through the appointment of officials responsible for organizing the processing and protection of personal data; limitation of the number and providing regulation of the Web Service staff that have access to personal data; familiarization of the Service employees with the requirements of applicable law and regulatory documents on the processing and protection of personal data; registering and storage of physical data carriers and protection of their use from theft, substitution, unauthorized copying and destruction; identification of security threats to the confidentiality of personal data during its processing, generation of threat models on their basis; development of a personal data protection system based on the threat model for the corresponding class of information systems; verification of the readiness and effectiveness of the use of information security tools; implementation of a permissive system of access to information resources, software and hardware for processing and protecting information; registering and checking actions of users of personal data information systems; password protection of user access to the personal data information system; the use of access control to communication ports, information input-output devices, removable computer storage media and external information storage devices; implementation of anti-virus control, prevention of the introduction of malicious programs (virus programs) into the corporate network; centralized management of the personal data protection system; training of employees using information protection tools used in personal data information systems on working with them; checking the applied information protection means, operational and technical documents for them; monitoring Users actions, conducting proceedings on violations of personal data security requirements.

Transmission of information over the Internet is not completely secure. The Web Service will do its best to protect user personal data but cannot guarantee the security of the data transmitted to the Web Service. When receiving information on the User, the Web Service tries to use reasonable security measures and functions to try to prevent unauthorized access to it. The Web Service follows secure online data transfer procedures, for which the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol is used. This is confirmed by the presence of the letter “s” in the address bar (“https:”) or the green lock icon in the address bar. By clicking on the icon, you can get information on the SSL certificate used. The presence of the icon depends on the version of the browser you are using. SSL data encryption guarantees reliable encryption of personal data without loss in transmission.


Rights and their enforcement

The Web Service observes the rights in relation to personal data and contributes to their implementation.

The User may contact the relevant personal data protection officer with a request for the exercise of the user rights listed below (contacts are listed below).

The Web Service provides the execution of the request within a reasonable time limit, but not later than one (1) month from the receipt of the request.

This period may be increased to three (3) months due to the complexity of the request or the large number of requests from the Users of the Web Service. The Web Service shall notify the User of such an extension of the time limit by e-mail specified by the User during registration.

The following rights are related to the User and are available for implementation:

  • the right to access information related to the processing of personal data, as well as to receive an electronic copy of all processed personal data in a structured form or in a machine-readable format;
  • the right to correct personal data, the implementation of which will avoid the lack of completeness, accuracy and sufficiency; by default, the Web Service will take measures depending on it to notify all parties who were previously provided with the personal data on its future adjustments, provided that such actions are not impossible or do not require disproportionate efforts from the Web Service;
  • the right to transfer certain personal information on oneself to a third party;
  • the right to restrict the processing of personal data or terminate completely/partially the processing of personal data;
  • the right to delete personal data upon request, as well as in connection with the withdrawal of consent to processing or when such processing is no longer necessary.

If the User considers that his or her rights and/or legitimate interests have been violated, he or she has the right to appeal to the competent public authority at the place of residence. For example, if the User is residing on the territory of the European Union, he or she has the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority of the respective EU Member State.


Data processing by third parties

The Policy determines only how the User’s data is processed by the Web Service, and not by anyone else. Processing of the User’s data by other parties, for example, when the User clicks on links to third-party sites, is not regulated by this Policy unless specific exceptions to this rule are explicitly specified in the Agreement or the Policy. When clicking on the links to the websites of third parties, it shall be taken into account that such websites have their own privacy policies — it is recommended for Users to read them before sending any personal data.


Social networks

The Site may contain links to social networks (for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Telegram or YouTube). These services are managed exclusively by third parties. If the User clicks on such links, then his or her information can be transferred to the providers of these services. When the User visits the Site, the Web Service does not transmit user personal data to anyone, however, if the User clicks on one of the links in order to be directed to social networks, the data will be transferred to the appropriate provider. Information on the purposes and scope of data collection, as well as on its further processing and use by these providers, as well as on user rights and protection settings for user personal data, is available in the Privacy Policy section of the providers’ sites at the following links:

Facebook Inc., 1601 S California Ave, Palo Alto, California 94304, USA
Instagram LLC, 1601 Willow Rd, Menlo Park CA 94025, USA
Twitter, Inc., 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, California 94103, USA LLC, address: Block 79, 39 Leningradsky Ave., Moscow, the Russian Federation, 125167
Vkontakte LLC, Room 1-N, 12-14A Khersonskaya St., Saint Petersburg, 191024
Telegram UK Holdings Ltd, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ
YouTube LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA



Cookies are small text files that, after the User’s viewing of some fragments of the web version of the Service, are stored on his or her Device.

The site and its subdomains use cookies.

The Megabonus Service (hereinafter referred to as the Service) is owned by WEBIMATIC LIMITED (hereinafter, the Company). The Company is registered in Cyprus under the registration number HE 368416, our office is located at: Room/Office 25, 41-43 Klimentos Tower, Klimentos, Nicosia, Cyprus, 1061.

This policy is a part of the Privacy Policy.

IMPORTANT: if you refuse to accept cookies, certain functions of the Site may not be available, which will affect the ability to use the Site. Changes to cookie settings, installation of extensions and applications that block ads, the anonymous mode, as well as VPN/Proxy/Socks extensions and others, can also lead to unstable operation of the Service for the User, including activation and accrual of Cashback. In this regard, it is recommended to disable all third-party extensions in the web browser through which purchases are made with Cashback.

The Service may use cookies for various purposes, providing more comfortable conditions for the User’s work on the Internet, for example, remembering the User’s data for authorization in the Service or preferences during the previous use of the Service in order to use them when the User resumes using the Service in the future.

The Service uses tracking technologies during direct use of the Service (session cookies) and continuous tracking technologies (persistent cookies), which differ in factors that affect the duration of the file existence. Session cookies are stored on the User’s Device in temporary memory as long as the User is on the website. Persistent cookies are usually stored on the User’s Device until they are deleted. The Service also uses first-party and third-party cookies. The first-party cookies are used and controlled by the Service to provide the User with the functionality of the Service. Third-party cookies are operated by third parties, mainly for the purpose of advertising and analytics, but can be blocked by a web browser in the corresponding privacy settings.

The Service uses the following cookie types:

  • Technical cookies necessary for providing the services and functions that the User requests in each case, as well as for the correct operation of the Site and support services. These cookies allow to determine the hardware and software of the User’s device; identify errors during the operation of the Service; test new features to improve the performance of the Service. It is possible to use cookies and tracking technologies necessary to prevent fraudulent activities, improve security, for system administration and/or to provide Users with a refund service for a portion of the money spent on purchases in our Partners’ online stores. Without the use of such files, the provision of the declared functionality of the Service is impossible.
  • Analytical and performance-related cookies used for evaluating the effectiveness of the Service, including for the purposes of analytical activities to improve the quality and convenience of the proposed Service. Files of this type are also used in order to prevent fraudulent actions and are necessary to increase security.
  • Functional (authentication) cookies used for finding out, for example, whether the User has visited the Service before, or if it is a new visitor, in order to determine the most relevant offers for the User. They are also necessary in order to remember Users. Due to the use of such files, the User does not need to re-enter authorization data when visiting the Site again.
  • Targeting technologies are tracking technologies used for delivering content, including advertisements that correspond to the interests of Users in the Service and third-party sites, based on how the User interacts with applications, advertising or content. Using the indicated tracking technologies, the Service can share the data on its use with third parties to optimize marketing procedures, but only on the basis of unique identifiers.

By using the Service, the User agrees to the use of cookies and tracking technologies and the corresponding processing of information. Detailed information on each type of cookies used by the Service is given below.

Cookie-files/HTML5 Local Memory
A cookie file is a data file hosted on the User’s Device (local storage). Cookies can be created using various web-related protocols and technologies, such as HTTP and HTML5. Using this type of cookie, the Service, for example, can store some parts of web pages on the User’s Device in order to speed up their loading on subsequent visits to the Service.

Web beacons
Small electronic graphic images or other web programming code called web beacons (single-pixel or clear GIF images) can be used on the pages of the Service and in email messages. They can often be invisible to the User, but, like any electronic image that is inserted into a web page or email message, they can act as a web beacon containing a unique identifier. Unlike HTTP cookies, web beacons are not stored on the User’s Device, since they are embedded in web pages, without causing any inconvenience to the User.

Inline script
The Inline script is a program code in the form of a program or a program script file, which is designed to automatically collect information on the User’s interactions with the Service. The script is temporarily downloaded to the User’s device and is active only when connected to the Service, after which it is usually deactivated or deleted. Thus, the Service, for example, allows to inform the User on the degree of reliability of his or her password when registering or changing a valid password.

ETag or Entity Tag
The ETag, which is an element of the web browser cache, is an opaque identifier assigned by a Web server to a specific version of a resource found at a URL. If the content of the resource at this URL changes, a new ETag is assigned. The ETags used in this way are a form of a device identifier. ETag tracking may generate unique tracking values even when HTTP, Flash, and/or HTML5 cookies are blocked. Using this kind of cookie allows to achieve a high level of stability of Cashback activation and counteract malicious actions of third parties, reducing the load on the communication channel.

Unique Identifier Header (UIDH)
The Unique Identifier Header (UIDH) in the address information that accompanies Internet requests transmitted over the wireless network of the Internet service provider. For example, when the User enters the website address of an online-store on his or her Device, the request is sent over the network and delivered to the website of the online-store. The information contained in this request includes characteristics such as the type of device and screen size, so the Service knows how to best display the website and the information presented on it on the phone. It is important to note that UIDH is a temporary, anonymous identifier related to unencrypted web traffic. The Service changes the UIDN on a regular basis in order to protect the privacy of Users. The Service does not use the UIDH to collect web browsing information and it does not broadcast individuals' web browsing activity out to advertisers or others.

Cookies used and reasons for using them

Cookie name Reason for use
_ga, _gid
A group of cookies created and processed by Google for statistical, analytical and other purposes. Learn more about these files.
cycada, yuidss, mda, _ym_uid, _ym_d, _ym_isad, ys, yp, I, L
A group of cookies created and processed by Yandex for statistical, analytical and other purposes. Learn more about these files.
alibonus_play, au_id, clang, e_id, u_id, t_id, userm_id, lastAuth, sessions, mb_, pcode, sort, shop_v
A group of cookies that are created and processed by the Service for statistical, analytical, functional and other purposes.
I, tmr_reqNum, o, searchuid, c, Mpop, tmr_lvid, p, act, mrcu, VID, _ga, b, tmr_lvidTS, s, marker, tmr_detect
A group of cookies created and processed by for statistical, analytical and other purposes. Learn more about these files.
ipp_uid, ipp_uid1, ipp_uid2, rerf
A group of cookies that are created and processed by in order to protect against DDoS attacks and prevent negative consequences when cybercriminals create an unnatural network load.


Contact details

To contact the representatives of the Web Service or ask questions, the User can use the appropriate section of the Web Service: Ask a Question/Ask a New Question. For questions related to the processing of user data, you can contact the official data protection by using the following contact details:

address: Flat/Office 25, 41-43 Klimentos, Klimentos Tower, Nicosia, Cyprus, 1061


WEBIMATIC LIMITED, incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus under registration number HE 368416, registered office: Flat/Office 25, 41-43 Klimentos, Klimentos Tower, Nicosia, Cyprus, 1061

Revised on December 16, 2022

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