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About shopping on AliExpress

All about promotions on AliExpress - types and options

There are lots of promotions on AliExpress and sometimes they really give a chance to save money. The best thing is that you can use several discounts at the same time. However, not everyone knows about it.

Types of promotions on AliExpress

This site is like a big market. There is a big number of sellers and shops with similar goods so there is a great competition between them. Sellers try to attract customer’s attention to their shops to make a profit. Some people think the economy on purchases from China is exaggerated. But in fact, there are many ways to save your money. You can:

  • Wait for holiday sale There are Chinese New Year promotions on AliExpress as well as promotions confined to common public holidays. There are also “black Fridays and Mondays” which sell goods at ridiculous prices with 90% discounts.
  • Use “Flash deals” category Every day there are new goods with attractive discounts. We advise comparing the prices from this category with normal ones because sometimes they can be much higher.
  • Get a promo code from the seller You can get promo codes from the seller if you follow the shop’s updates. You can only use it when you spend the specific sum or when you buy specific item of some brand.
  • Get a personal discount Many people say they received personal discounts in exchange for good reviews or recommendations in social networks. You should do it before making the payment.
  • Win a coupon These promotions on AliExpress are in demand. Coupons are being sold out very quickly. So it is better to log in on the site in advance and take part in a raffle right from the start.
  • Install cash back software Cash back service for Chinese market allows getting back the part of the spent money. All you need is to find a reliable system, sign up to it and install the extension for getting your cash back.

How to save with AlieExpress promotions

To get the lower price you can use all of these promotions but there is only one way that ensures economy – stable cash back on every purchase. You can get it and spend on whatever you want.

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