Megabonus is an ecosystem of six fast-growing projects

Since 2015 we have managed to build a large and honest business

> 3 thousand
Stores with cash back
> 40 million
Purchases with cash back
> 3 millions
our team

About us

Our mission is to save time and money for people around the world.

Megabonus is a team that creates IT products designed to benefit society. To do this, we use various tools and technologies, including Big data and knowledge accumulation about people’s behavior. The purpose of creating value is to make a profit. Profit is a metric that expresses benefit amount we create.

We are ambitious enough to set high goals and achieve them. We look to the future and are able to change it for the better. Our goal is to create value that can scale to the size of humanity, not just groups of people. There is a great meaning built into the name of our team and our project.

Mega is one of the prefixes used in the International System of Units (SI) to form the names and symbols of decimal multiples of units. A unit which name is formed by attaching the prefix mega to original unit name, is obtained by multiplying the original unit by the number 106, that is, by one million. By this prefix we mean our thoughts scale and goal setting.

Bonus is some benefit that our client receives. This benefit is always expressed in savings: saving money, time and anything else.

Did you know?

The first cash back appeared in 1896

The first type of cash back in the form of stamps was invented by Sperry and Hutchinson. Stamps were available at gas stations and supermarkets. And then the stamps could be exchanged for some company product.

Our values


Megabonus creates good and honest products. To do this, we structure and aggregate the information people need - from the Internet and real life, independently and with the help of partners. At the same time, we do not interfere with the content itself or change the matter.

This is how the Megabonus Reviews project shows users an information picture about products, built on the reviews basis of thousands users, without having our own editing and without adding our own position. And the Megabonus cash back service allows you not only make a purchase and receive cash back for it, but also leave an honest review of the store’s work.


The megabonus should always work - 24x7x365 (24x7x366 in a leap year). Our infrastructure ensures the continuous and uninterrupted functioning of external and internal services. We do everything necessary to ensure that our services are available always and everywhere.


We are an open team and always welcome feedback both within the team and from our users. We are not afraid to receive feedback, both good and bad, so we design our services in such a way that it is always easy to contact us.

Personality, self-development and ambitions

Are key concepts for us. We choose inspiration that excites the mind over a comfortable flow of life, creativity, dedication and self-development over stability and habit.


Loyalty for us is not an empty phrase. We stay with the company both in moments of glory and when we have to go through trials.

History of Megabonus company development

At the end of 2015, the company entered the market at an early stage with the AliBonus Cash back Service project, later - Megabonus.


Launch of the cash back service AliBonus


Launch of mobile applications for iOS and Android


Rebranding from “AliBonus” to Megabonus

Launch of the Megabonus loyalty program


Launch of the Megabonus Reviews project

Connecting to partner networks Rakuten, Awin, Admitad


Launch of the Smart Cart project for web and applications

Launch of mobile applications Parcel tracking for iOS and Android

Paypal payments for users from all over the world


Launch of the Megabonus Travel project

Launch of an incentive system for browser extension users


Update functionality in the Smart Cart application

Adding stores with increased cash back on partner sites


Implemented functionality for checking the cash back availability in store applications


Launch of the Achievements system for IOS and Android applications

Launch of a separate landing with increased cash back promotions

Our users

The user is our everything

We and our partners are created to meet user needs. We make our services simple, convenient, beautiful, humane and functional.

We are users too

We ourselves, our families and friends use Megabonus services and programs.

The mass audience for us is not a faceless crowd, these are real people with specific needs, including our family and friends. We love our users.

It's nice to show mom something on the screen with the Megabonus logo and say: I made this. It's useful to get a bug report from a friend.

Our partners

Partnership for us is not just a business relationship, but mutual trust, support and common values. Through partnerships based on shared values, we achieve common goals and make the world better. We always carefully approach the choice of partners and pay attention to many factors, but the most important thing is common values.

  • rakuten
  • admitad
  • awin

By making purchases with Megabonus, you join a community of like-minded people and become part of a big family


Registration number: HE 368416

Tax ID: 10368416Q

VAT number: CY 10368416Q

Klimentos 41-43, Klimentos Tower, Flat/Office 25, 1061, Nicosia, Cyprus