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Megabonus Support Service from Inside

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Megabonus Support Service from Inside

Any business dealing with a large number of clients needs a well-established support service. This is especially true in the case of online businesses. What is the support service for and which issues does it deal with? Read in the interview with Megabonus support service team lead Aleksandr Ivanov.

“Our support service team consists of 8 managers. Every day they process about 1,2 thousand user requests. The main task of the service is to solve the issues the users face asap. One more undeniable aim of the support service – to become the user’s voice. Through the requests from our users, we learn about their needs and preferences and let the administration know them.

When all the processes are well-planned, the support service knows the problems the users face and addresses the developers with them. This is one more growth driver for any company.”

Aleksand Ivanov. Megabonus support service team lead

– How do you speed up requests’ processing? 

The request’s filing is well-structured. When the user sends a request, it is put on a certain line connected with the topic. Such automated sorting saves a lot of time.

FAQs are highlighted on user pages. The links lead to the related articles in the Help section. So the users can check the answers to the most frequently asked questions without addressing the support service.

megabonus help section

The request is normally processed within 2-4 hours. 160 requests are scheduled per one manager daily. As a rule, we get about 6,000 requests per month.

It’s close to impossible to process the requests in a manual mode, so an automated SAAS system is used. It was implemented 3 years ago and helped to speed up requests processing by 4 times.

Last year an online chat was launched. The average answer time there is 30 seconds. It usually takes from 3 to 5 minutes to solve the issue the user faces.

There are also supportive chats on social media: Instagram, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and Facebook.

– When do you face the biggest number of user requests? 

As a rule, the number of tickets during big sales is from 100% to 200% more. Such dates are pre-planned, so we assign more people for tickets’ processing.

The priorities of the tasks are changed to enable quicker processing. Sample answers help to work faster.

The longest request queues are processed first. Most requests have ready solutions, so we just deliver them to the uses. The speed is important, but we also aim at the quality of answers. The manager looks into the problem and chooses a personal solution of the user if necessary.

– How do you make the team more motivated?

We have a scoring system. The request processing time depends on the effectiveness of the manager. We have an inner effectiveness measurement chart. It includes the time spent on processing a request and NSP (Net Promoter Score). The latter helps to highlight possible issues and erase them.

We also have challenges. It looks like this: make the line clean and get a bonus. The bonus can be candies or extra time off.

megabonus conference room

Megabonus conference room

– What is your picture of the best company management department?

The management team must be interested in the development of the support service and getting feedback from the users. New tasks, more responsibility, and verbal encouragement are of great importance.

Such an approach helps each employee work independently and cover more tasks without involving the colleagues.

Among interesting tasks are translation work, payouts, creation of articles for the Help section. To educate the team, the company must have a knowledge base, experienced speakers, and convenient administration systems.

A support service manager is a precious unit. And the service itself – an essential department in the company. In case it is neglected, the business doesn’t get up-to-date information, which can lead to a crisis.

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