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A Step to the Better Future. Megabonus Spring Digest

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A Step to the Better Future. Megabonus Spring Digest

Just like the whole world, Megabonus developers are working from their homes these days. We are far away from each other but united as a team. This spring we launched a number of great solutions that will help you to:

  • get more cash back,
  • find cheap flights and rooms,
  • share collections of the best products, 
  • quickly check your cash back in the apps. 

Megabonus Travel Apps

megabonus travel ios app

The world is gradually returning to normal life. Travelling is one of its essential parts. Most air companies are resuming flights in July. Israel announced they are resuming flights in June. Hungary and Slovenia are getting ready for opening borders with some EU countries.  The demand for tickets is low though, as the situation with the quarantine in most countries is still uncertain.

No doubt, everyone is looking forward to the opportunity to go on a vacation or visit their friends and relatives. As soon as the borders are open, many people will jump at the opportunity. You can start monitoring the best discount offers for flights and rooms already now. The Megabonus Travel apps for iOS and Android we launched not long ago will assist you with it.

The apps help to:

  • Check and compare flight offers from 700+ air companies and ticket aggregators.
  • See price calendars and book rooms and flights at the lowest prices. 
  • Enjoy multiple photos of the hotels. Just swipe left to move the carousel. 
  • Sort the results by price, distance, and plenty of other filters.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”33″ gal_title=”Megabonus Travel ioS App”]




Many companies presented on Megabonus Travel pay cash back. Keep in mind the cash back sums when comparing offers with and w/o cash back. The difference can be essential.

More Bonuses for Shopping through Megabonus Extension 

New users of Megabonus browser extension get increased cash back for purchases made through the extension. The bonus equals + 2 levels in the Megabonus Loyalty Program.

megabonus browser extension

In case you don’t have the extension, it’s high time to start using it. To get increased cash back:

  • Download and install Megabonus browser extension
  • Open the extension and find the store you want to buy from.
  • Activate cash back for the store and shop normally. Increased cash back will be displayed in your account after the payment. 

My Wallet in the Apps

We improved the My Wallet screens in Megabonus cash back Android and iOS apps. The notices on cash back crediting are now displayed on the 1st screen of the apps.

my wallet megabonus

The purchases’ list is displayed on one screen. The Friends’ purchases and Purchases through cash back links can be accessed from the bottom part of the main screen of My wallet. 

referral links cashback

Open Collections in the Smart Cart

Smart Cart helps to bookmark the links to the products you are interested in and check their price change. But you can make the collections of goods useful to other Megabonus readers. Choose products from any stores and sort them into collections. Make the collections open to all and help other users buy valuable items.

open collections megabonus


More useful features and improvements are coming. Meanwhile, stay at home and shop smart!

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