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Amazing Spring: Megabonus Monthly News

Amazing Spring: Megabonus Monthly News

The spring is the time of revival. Our projects are also developing, together with our desire to create super solutions for online shopping. And today we want to share the updates with you. A spoiler: read the post to the end to learn how to save more when shopping with Megabonus. Let’s go!

coronavorus icon Scared of Getting Coronavirus through Parcels?

It’s normal to feel fear, but this case isn’t about it. The data from our Package Search service proves that there were no cases of coronavirus transmission through parcels from China. No cases of infecting through the mail were reported in the world either. 

doublee cash backCoronavirus Under Control in China

Against the backdrop of continued hysteria around coronavirus in the world, our authors made their own research. The results are optimistic: the current rate of the infection’s spread is lower than several weeks before. The number of the recovered in China is growing and the country is getting back to normal life. Is the virus so dreadful as it is covered by the media sources? Decide for yourself: to the post.

funny icon Top Humorous Post on Social Media

This post about the man getting ready to pick up a parcel from China in a chemical protection suit got 145 likes and dozens of comments on VKontakte.

The text in the photo is:

  • Darling, why are you dressed like this?!
  • I am going to pick up my parcel from AliExpress.

coronavirus hysteria

Are you as optimistic as our users on this social media network?

megabonus travel icon Travel More, Travel Cheap!

What is the best time for traveling? Now! The first 10 users who chose their trips with the help of Megabonus Travel have already started their thrilling journeys! Our super economy tool helped them to book the flights and the rooms with maximum economy. Try for yourself!

megabonus travel

aliexpress sale Shop for Trends with AliExpress!

A spring sale “Trend Spotting” with 60% off on trendy goods started on AliExpress. It will last till March 8 23:59 PST. Select and Store Coupons combined with Megabonus cash back will help you save even more. Activate cash back here and click the sale’s banner on the main page of Aliexpress when opened. 

trend spotting sale

megabonus reviews Megabonus Reviews Introduced More Options

  • Now it’s easier to read all the reviews of the selected author. Just press the author’s image to the right of the post. Use the “Like” or the “Share” buttons to the left of the post to rate or send it on your wall in one click. 
  • Posts carrousel: find more posts on the topic under the read one. 
  • See all goods from the review on the same page: Click on the 4-square icon on the top image of the post to see all products from the review in one tab. 

Megabonus Reviews guide

exclamation mark AliExpress Cash Back Rules Change

There were 2 major changes in AliExpress cash back rules within 3 last months. They took place on Dec 17, 2019, and Feb 20, 2020.

The changes apply to the countries of the CIS mainly. Check the full list of the countries here. 

The main differences are:

  1. There’s no cash back for the so-called non-affiliated products now. 
  2. The stores can now decide themselves whether they pay cash back for the products or not. 


Affiliated Goods Checker on AliExpress

affiliated products aliexpress

Megabonus browser extension will help you save time on checking affiliated goods on AliExpress. Install and activate the extension – see whether there’s cash back for the product on AliExpress right over the line with the price. 

A lot more important updates are coming soon. Stay tuned to be the first to learn about them! 

Your Megabonus team



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