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Stores with Increased Cash Back on Megabonus

Stores with Increased Cash Back on Megabonus

Did you know you can have increased cash back on Megabonus? This is not about using promo codes. Megabonus launched a new offer – stores with increased cash back. A hint: you will be astonished with the cash back rates. No special conditions apply!

Where to find the stores with increased cash back? 

The list of the stores with increased cash back is always on the All stores’ page in the Stores with increased cash back section. I.e. Megabonus pays up to 6.7% of cash back on purchases from Shein. But now, if you visit this page you can see that cash back on Shein is 18.78% for the Treasurer level. Increased cash back is now also available on AliExpress and Booking. 

What should I know about the stores with increased cash back? 

First of all, learn how to read the signs on the cards of the stores of the section. In the top left corner, over the name of the store, you will see the information on the cash back increase rate. In the top right corner, you will find the number of available coupons. 

increased cash back terms on megabonus

In the bottom left corner is the note on your level in the Megabonus Loyalty Program, and in the bottom right corner – the Increase button. Hover the mouse cursor over it to see the window with the increased cash back terms. Please mind that the terms will be different in different stores.

How to get increased cash back on Megabonus? 

Choose the store and check the terms. In case they are OK with you, activate cash back and shop normally. In case you fulfill the terms, your increased cash back will be displayed in your account within several minutes after the purchase (sometimes it takes more time for cash back to be displayed – up to 24 hours following the purchase).

increased cash back megabonus


What is increased cash back? 

Increased cash back is the cash back that is higher than usual. As the rule, the cash back rate is increased by 2, 4 and more times, and such an offer is valid within limited time/for certain categories of customers: new users, the users who made a purchase, met the conditions of a promotion, etc. Increased cash back can be initiated by the store or the cash back service.

How to get increased cash back more often? 

There are regular options that help Megabonus users to get increased cash back:

  1. The coupons for increased cash back mentioned in this post. 
  2. The Megabonus Loyalty Program: the more you buy, the higher your cash back rate is. Your level on the Program can also be temporarily raised when you use a promo code. You can find the codes in your emails, on Megabonus social media networks, and under the videos with our partner bloggers. 
  3. More money with cash prize games. The winners of Megabonus contests and games can get cash prizes (the money is credited to your Megabonus account).

We wish you pleasant purchases and the highest cash back!


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