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Why is My Shein Order Late?

Why is My Shein Order Late?

All online customers can face the situation when their parcel is delayed or even missing. Depending on the store you bought from the sequence of actions can vary. Today, we will look into the case when your Shein package is delayed.

Estimated shipping time on Shein depends on the shipping method. There are 2 main options to choose from:

  1. Standard Shipping. Takes up to 20 days. The parcel can be tracked in all countries.
  2. Express Shipping. Takes approximately 7-10 days. The parcel can be tracked in all countries.

shein shipping methods

The time stated on the delivery times’ line is an anticipated date of delivery.  In reality, the exact date can be different.

My Shein Package is Late

If your Shein parcel is delayed for less than a week, you have to wait for several more days. If the parcel is delayed for more than 7 days, and you can see it is stuck or missing, you have to take the following steps:

  • Check your parcel’s location using Shein app or any parcel tracking software.
  • Make a screenshot with your parcel’s location.
  • Contact Shein support center, describe the situation and ask for a refund.

The primary way to contact Shein is to use their online chat.

shein contact number

There you will also be offered an option to contact an agent. You can either submit a ticket or use the live chat available from 6 am to 9 pm (PST time).

shein live chat

Shein refunds are made to:

  • Your Shein wallet. This internal currency cannot be withdrawn but you can later use it for further purchases.
  • The account you initially used to pay for the order.
  • As a gift card. Can only be used if you paid for the order with Shein gift card.

Is Shein Shipping Slow Right Now?

You can always find the answer to this question on Shein website or app. In case of delayed shipping, all logged-in users get a Shein parcel delay notice that describes which couriers are affected and how many extra days you have to wait to get your parcel.

shein delay notice

This customer-oriented approach helps Shein lovers save their time, energy and nerves and learn the exact delivery time of the order.

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