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Megabonus Fall 2020 News Digest

Megabonus Fall 2020 News Digest

There are 3 months left until the end of 2020. Some people call this year thrilling, some – epoch-making. What is undeniable, 2020 will be marked as a very eventful one.

Here, in Megabonus, every single month and even a day are full of important events and changes. We implement overwhelming ideas and develop new technologies to make our products better and help you buy online more economical, safer, and quicker. 

Let’s take a look back now and revise what important changes tool place in Megabonus within these several months. 

New Megabonus Extension – your best shopping assistant!

In early summer 2020, we launched a new Megabonus extension. 

activate megabonus cash back

It helps to quickly:

  • learn everything about the product and the store: the price, the rating, the customer trust level, etc.;
  • see cash back rates and check affiliated products;
  • activate cash back;
  • read customer reviews;
  • add the product to a collection;
  • check the price dynamics;
  • find similar offers;
  • track a parcel and much more.

Moreover, when you buy through the extension, you get increased cash back. You always see your cash back status with the extension activated, so you will never miss your cash back now.

Install the extension

Megabonus Widget for Android

resize android widget

This fall also boasts a new solution from Megabonus. To help you quickly check and withdraw your cash back, we created a widget for Android (the widget for iOS is on the way!). 

The widget’s features:

  • You can see your cash back (available for withdrawal and pending) right on the screen of your mobile.
  • You can access up to 15 favorite stores you buy from most frequently with 1 click. In this case, cash back is activated automatically. 
  • The widget can help you see fraudulent transactions in case your account is hacked. In this case, you see that your cash back sum decreases and have time to block the withdrawal. 

The widget is easy to install. Launch the widgets’ menu on your mobile and scroll till you see the Megabonus icon. Tap it. The widget will be installed on the active screen. 

If necessary, hold and drag the widget to move it to another screen. The size of the widget is also adjustable. More information

Works of mercy

Our users from Russia continue to support the Anton is Near Here Center. It deals with the needs of people with autistic-spectrum disorders. Our users donated $134.85 to support the inmates of the organization. Thank you for your care and help!

On October 6 is the World CP (cerebral palsy) day. Megabonus joined the Dobroshrift event. On this day, big Russian businesses changed the fonts of their logos to the one that resembles the handwriting of the kids ill with CP. The users on social media could follow the link and donate to the needs of the kids. 

dobroshrift font megabonus


Sales pages

Get ready for any event with the help of our sales pages. On them, we collect the best offers with the highest cash back and discounts rates. The most beneficial offers will are displayed at the top of such pages.

Contest and games

We constantly have contests with cash prizes and promo codes for increased cash back. Follow our pages on Facebook, Instagram, and check our emails regularly not to miss additional economy and gifts.

Have some hints on how to help us get better? Share in the comments below and will do our best to make our products even more useful to you!

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