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Megabonus Parcel Track Review on DownloadAstro

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Megabonus Parcel Track Review on DownloadAstro

Most of our users appreciate our browser extension making the process of online shopping easier and safer. One of the options it offers is tracking your parcels’ location right from the extension’s tab. You simply have to add your parcel’s number and press “Track the Parcel”. 46,000+ parcels are monthly tracked by Megabonus users using the Megabonus parcel tracking service.

To rename, delete and sort your parcels, you can go to the website of the tracking service or use iOS and Android apps on your smartphones. In case you have the tracking app installed, you will also get a notification when the parcel is delivered to your post-office, which is very convenient, isn’t it?

Install the app:

iOS Megabonus parcel tracking app

Android Megabonus parcel tracking app

Review on DownloadAstro

Last week we got a chance to help more users learn about the cool tracking service we developed. It was reviewed on a popular software website “DownloadAstro” in its popular “App of the Day” section.

Megabonus Parcel Tracking App

DownloadAstro has 10 million monthly visits. The users keen on internet, technology and mobile industry news visit the website to read the reviews of the latest technologies and the coolest apps ever.

Check the Megabonus parcel tracking review  to learn about the history of the Megabonus tracking app, how much time it took to create and launch it and the biography of its developer – Denis Bashinskiy.

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