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Install Megabonus browser extension and start getting up to 40% of cash back today. Just make purchases and have fun shopping. We will take care to save you money.

Cash back browser extension by Megabonus
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With the Megabonus browser extension you'll never forget to get up to 40% cash back in the most popular stores

Large selection of stores

We provide cash back in the most popular online stores on the Internet.

Cash back activation status

Don’t worry. In case there’s a chance of any issues with accruing cash back our extension will warn you about it.

Always stay up to date

Get up-to-date information about your Megabonus account balance and the cash back percentage available to you right in the extension in just one click!

User reviews of our browser extension

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Natalia Dolbilova

It's AWESOME! I didn't believe I'd get some of my money back until the last minute, but yesterday I got a payout announcement, and today I got a tidy sum back! Thanks a bunch. All my orders are displayed; well, one of them is still in process because the seller hasn't shipped it yet. We all love it :)

I installed it on my phone. It's really easy to use. I just log in, I get sent to AliExpress, and, easy as pie, I make my purchases!

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This is probably the best cash back service, since it works right from AliExpress. The percentage is always stable, withdrawals are in dollars (so you can bide your time and wait for a better exchange rate for your currency), and the special offers are awesome! I just signed up and got a dollar right away!

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Yulia Vinogradova

Seriously, guys, this is the most amazing service! Hey, don't just take my word for it. You can email me, and I'll send you all the screenshots of my PAYOUTS. REAL PAYOUTS. I've withdrawn over $115, which I think is a pretty nice savings. I'm still waiting for another $580 to get approved. Anyone who says it doesn't work - come on, learn how to use your head, not your backside! I've gotten payouts for every purchase, not every other one like you say. They even made the browser extension for you, but there's just no pleasing you...

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How it works

Find a store

Choose one of many popular online stores from all over the world

Activate it

Activate cash back through the Megabonus extension every time before selecting or paying for an item

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Get cash back from your purchases

Withdraw cash back

Withdraw cash back in whichever way is most convenient for you

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How it works

Once installed, this extension will help you activate cash back right on the pages of online stores, and it will also tell you about potential problems. By installing the extension you will take your first step toward saving time and money. Make money on your online purchases and get cash back reliably.

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