Rules of the Invite a Friend Program:

1. The Invite a Friend program is a form of interaction between the Megabonus service and its users, who attract new users to the service.

2. Access to the Invite a Friend program is open to all Megabonus users.

3. The referral link can be found in the user's Megabonus account in the “Income from friends” section.

4. Only users who have not yet registered with Megabonus can become referrals.

5. After registering on your link more than 100 users, you get a special status in which each new user registered on your link brings you income without limitation in 6 months. More

6. The user who has registered through your link to invite friends will receive the 3th level in the loyalty program Megabonus 7 days.

7. Information on income from the Invite a Friend program is available in the “Income from friends” section of your Megabonus account.

8. Referral compensation from the Invite a Friend program will become available for withdrawal once it moves from "Pending status to "Confirmed."

9. In the event that no product is purchased by the referral for any reason, the income from that friend will move to "Declined" status.

10. Purchases made via mobile devices by invited users who signed up before 18 October 2018 don’t participate in “Invite a friend” program.

11. Purchases made by third parties who follow the cash back link do not participate in the Invite a Friend program. What is the cash back link?

12. Megabonus reserves the right to refuse access to the Invite a Friend program to users who have violated the service's rules when attracting a referral.

13. The following actions are prohibited:

  • Distributing the referral link via methods that are prohibited by the laws of the Russian Federation such as SPAM mailouts.
  • Distributing the referral link in published reviews in the stores of the Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Yandex Browser extensions.
  • Distributing referral links via any method that reflects negatively on the reputation of Megabonus.
  • Attracting referrals using contextual ads.
  • Registering an account after following one's own referral link in order to obtain income from the Invite a Friend program.
  • It is forbidden to publish links in product reviews on the website and in the application Aliexpress.

14. In the event of the systematic violation of the rules of the Invite a Friend program, the administration of Megabonus reserves the right to exclude a partner from the Invite a Friend program, deduct all referral compensation from the user's balance for the entire period of their use of the Invite a Friend program, and fully block the user's account.

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