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Mother’s Day 2021: Date, Gift Ideas, and Traditions

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Mother’s Day 2021: Date, Gift Ideas, and Traditions

Mother’s Day 2021 in the USA is coming! It’s a perfect chance to show your love to your mothers and have some fun together. Today, we will tell you about the history of Mother’s Day, common gifts and activities, as well as the traditions connected with the date. 

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When is Mother’s Day 2021 in the USA?

As you may know, in the USA, Mother’s day is annually celebrated on the second Sunday of the last month of spring. This year, Mother’s Day in the USA falls on Sunday, May 9. 

Mother’s day 2021 around the world falls on different dates. In Mexico, it will be celebrated on Monday, May 10, in Russia – on November 29, on Cyprus – on May 9 as well, in the UK it was celebrated on March 14, etc.

No matter what date the feast is celebrated on. This is love to our mothers and a chance to say thank you to them that matters. 

Mother’s Day History and Traditions in the USA

president wilsom mothers day

Photo of President Woodrow Wilson (from

The very first Mother’s Day in the USA took place on May 9, 1914. That year, President Woodrow Wilson invited the US citizens to give thank you to all mothers of the country, and their mothers first of all, of course. Since then, the tradition has become annual and is appreciated by the citizens. 

The creator of the holiday in the USA is Anna Maria Jarvis. She brought this holiday to life as a tribute to her own mother. Later, when the holiday became too commercialized  Anna became its fierce enemy.

Watch a short and amusing video from the channel History about Anna’s story:

The most common tradition on Mother’s Day in the USA is to visit your mother and bring her a small gift and flowers (most often, red carnations). Also, people wear flowers on this day. The color of the flower shows whether one’s mother is alive (pink, red) or not with them anymore (white). 

Those, whose mothers passed, bring white flowers (carnations) to their graves. 

Mother’s Day 2021 Gift Guide

mothers day gift ideas

Traditional Mother’s Day gift ideas are:

  • candies and chocolates,
  • gift cards and flowers,
  • jewelry and clothing,
  • beauty treatment certificates.

But of course, you do not have to follow all guidelines. Use your imagination to amuse your mothers and give them the presents they really long to have. Gift ideas can be diverse depending on your mother’s taste and preferences. 

As we wrote above, we collected the top 100 Mother’s Day gift ideas and are happy to share them with you now. The collection of presents contains links to all products. In case there’s cash back for the product, it will be activated automatically for logged-in Megabonus users.  

To the collection

Surf through the gift ideas, enjoy and choose the best present for your mothers! 

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