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Cómo recibir el reembolso en AliExpress con Megabonus

Every customer eventually starts to wonder how to get cash back on AliExpress and get the money for the purchase back. Some people want to get the reimbursement for the order of bad quality or that wasn’t shipped. Other people want to get partial compensation for the long shipment or flaws. And there are people who want to get the additional profit and cash back as a discount for every purchase.

All these people can really get their money back. For the first 2 cases you can open disputes and apply for the full or partial refund of money that is held by the system. The terms for consideration the request vary from 3 to 14 days depending on the case, evidence and an opportunity to reach an agreement.

Sometimes the seller admits his guilt and confirms the withdrawal of the cash back to the customer. In other situations the adjudication is processed automatically. Don’t be afraid to defend your rights when the truth is on your side. These situations usually end up in favor of the customer, not the shop.

However, apart from the full compensation, there is the cash back that is added to all the purchases from AliExpress. It is called an incentive discount for using the service.

The system is very easy:

  • You sign up for a reliable affiliate program or on our site
  • Fill in the information on personal account
  • Install the plugin with the extension for your browser
  • Make the purchases and get the part of money spent on the goods back
  • Withdraw the funds by the convenient method

How to make cash back with every purchase

Sign up for our affiliate program for free and spend several minutes to install the application to get back the certain percentage from the money spent on AliExpress. This cash back doesn’t affect the other discounts. You can buy the goods from any seller and any shop using the promo codes and coupons. The economy can reach 90% in comparison to the price of these items in offline shops or Russian online shops. Start doing shopping profitably today!

Cashback en AliExpress

Cashback para todos los niveles
en Programa de lealtad:

0.31% - 4.91%

Activar cashback
Vuelve a Megabonus
+7% кэшбэку после регистрации
Vuelve a Megabonus
+7% к кэшбэку после установки расширения
Instale la extensión para obtenerun reembolso del 40% en sustiendas favoritas y:

Encontrar dónde está tu envio ahora.

Compre de forma más ventajosa con cupones de descuento.

Averiguar la fiabilidad del vendedor en Aliexpress.

Ver cuándo los bienes serán más baratos.

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